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skeeled Releases New Scorecards

In person interviews are one of the most important parts of the recruitment process, and now you will be able to integrate them in skeeled's software with the new Scorecards. Read the blog post to find out more.

Written by Daniela Costa

Interviews are one of the most important parts of the recruitment process. Getting to know the candidates face to face and talking with them is a crucial part when deciding if they are a good fit for your company. However, it can be hard to keep track of all the answers given by a candidate during an interview, as well as comparing the candidates considering their answers. Moreover, oftentimes you are not able to include all your recruiting team in the process, which may result in biased and inaccurate decisions.

To prevent this and promote collaborative hiring within recruitment teams, skeeled created an exciting new feature that will allow you to integrate the in-person interviews in the software: the Scorecards!

With the new Scorecards developed by skeeled you will be able to standardise the interviews you perform during the recruitment process as well as keep track of all the answers given by the candidates.

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Create as many scorecards as you want, with personalised questions, and attribute them to your candidates, according to your needs. You will then be able to register in real-time the answers given by a candidate during an interview and allow your teammates to later comment and evaluate them.

The new Scorecards will take your notes to another level, promote collaboration within your team and, furthermore, generate more unbiased decisions when evaluating your candidates.

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