Candidate experience

Go beyond making a good impression. Delight your candidates with an amazing journey.


69% of candidates who had a negative experience in the recruitment process would never apply again

Put candidates at the heart of your hiring process and turn them into ambassadors, regardless of whether they get hired or not.


Online application forms

Make it easy to apply

Attract top talent with easy to fill in, mobile-friendly application forms. skeeled offers candidates several application options to allow them to quickly complete their application.


Candidate communication

Enhance candidate engagement

Fast, easy, and consistent candidate communication at scale. Create and share personalised email templates with your team and keep candidates updated and engaged throughout every stage of the recruitment process.


One-way video interviews

Let your candidate give a first impression

Candidates will have the chance to showcase their skills in a new and engaging way with one-way video interviews - which can be recorded where and when it best fits them.


Interview scheduling

Schedule interviews in a hassle-free way

Turn interview scheduling into an easy task by allowing candidates to self-schedule their interview. Synchronise your team's calendars and send interview invites to candidates in bulk with a few clicks.


Multilanguage experience

Engage with candidates in their own language

Create jobs and application forms, and send candidate emails in multiple languages. skeeled offers you seven language options to help you reach more candidates and provide a better experience.


GDPR compliance

Protect your candidates' data

skeeled provides a fully GDPR compliant solution, which includes high-security standards to ensure your candidates' information stays safe.

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