We offer everything you need to create a unique recruitment process and make successful hires

From apply to hire, skeeled provides the best tools and solutions to optimise your recruitment process, helping you to hire top talent and delight all your candidates.

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Online application forms

Provide candidates with easy to fill in, mobile-friendly custom application forms.

Candidate communication

Create templates and easily send mass, personalised emails to keep candidates engaged throughout every stage of the recruitment process.


Make scheduling interviews easy for you and your candidates with our calendar integration and self-scheduling functionality.

Multilanguage experience

Create jobs and application forms and send emails in multiple languages.

Automated CV screening

Screen CVs more efficiently based on your criteria and find the right candidates faster.

Hiring team roles and permissions

Set up your hiring team and give your recruiters different roles. Easily manage permission levels.

Custom workflows

Create customised workflows according to your unique hiring needs.

CV database & search engine

Search your own data effortlessly and find the best candidates on your CV database according to specific requirements quickly.

Job distribution

Post your job ads to a wide range (+2000 options) of pre-contracted and ready to use media channels with just a few clicks to find and attract high-quality candidates faster.

Branded career pages

Increase applications with an engaging and beautifully branded careers page that showcases your unique culture.

Employee referrals

Leverage your employee network to engage top talent faster and make great hires.

Software branding

Customise skeeled to make it your own and make the application process a seamless experience.

One-way video interviews

Enhance candidate screening with our native pre-recorded video interviews. See the person behind the CV and make better decisions.

Cognitive ability assessment

Test cognitive and problem-solving skills to predict the candidates' ability to learn and adapt.

Personality assessment

Measure specific behaviour indicators to know how the candidates' personality will impact their job performance.

Motivation assessment

Evaluating the candidates’ fit with activities, leadership styles and workplace culture.

Interview scorecards

Standardise the evaluation process and make data-driven hiring decisions.

Team collaboration

Share information with your hiring team easily and get faster feedback with our collaborative tools.

Sourcing tool

Copy the candidates' LinkedIn information into skeeled with our talent sourcing plugin or import CVs in bulk to your account with our CV parser.

Internal recruitment

Promote internal mobility and retain top employees who have the knowledge, skills and experience to fit into a new role.

Advanced reporting & analytics

Get the insights that matter to keep track of your recruitment efforts and improve your talent acquisition.

skeeled API

Connect your skeeled account to other cloud-based applications to perform a varied set of functions.

GDPR compliance

Protect your candidates' data with our fully GDPR compliant solution.

High level security

We maintain high security standards to ensure your information stays safe. We regularly update our service to comply with legal and technical changes.

Candidate source tracking

Track where your candidates come from and understand the ROI of your publication channels.

Embedded apply form

Integrate the application form seamlessly into your existing career page.

Publication board

Benefit from our ready-to-use websites to display your job publications.