skeeled releases new branding and internal recruitment features

skeeled Releases New Branding and Internal Recruitment Features


What we love about our recruitment software is that it never stops evolving. Among the many projects we have in hand, we’ve just finished developing two exciting, new features to help you further improve your recruitment process. Now the application process can be fully branded to fit your company’s identity and you can choose to post internal and/or external job offers.

Making skeeled look like it's Yours

Building a powerful employer brand is essential to attract and retain the best candidates. With that in mind, we developed a branding feature that allows your company to provide candidates with an application process that meets the brand image and boosts the employer branding.

Candidates that love your company’s brand image expect an application form that matches it. To help you promote your company’s brand, skeeled offers you a new set of customisable assets, which can be adjusted to make our software look like it was built by you and for you.

By branding skeeled, your company can turn the application process into a seamless experience, as candidates won't realise they have left your company's website to submit their application.

Our new branding feature will help you enhance the candidate experience. Making all the steps of the application process (CV, Personality Assessment and Video Interview) look like an extension of your own website will make candidates feel safe and will allow you to get more applications.


Using Different Recruitment Strategies

We are well aware that staffing a whole new position, simply filling a vacancy or replacing a manager are not the same. Different recruitment needs require different recruitment strategies.

To enable you to use the most suitable recruiting strategy, skeeled now provides you with different recruitment options for each job opening: internal recruitment, external recruitment, or both. The internal/external recruitment feature allows you to ask for different CV add-ons and create different sharing links to target, track and assess each type of candidate.

Our recruitment software allows you to create an internal job board for your current employees to apply to, and also to keep attracting external candidates with new skill sets to enhance your teams' performance or grow your company’s business.

This feature was designed to help improve your recruitment strategy, enabling you to recruit internally to retain top employees who have the knowledge, skills and experience to fit into a new role, or to hire externally to bring in new talent, fresh ideas and new approaches.


Leveraging skeeled’s Features

The primary mission of our recruitment software is to digitalise and streamline your recruitment process. But we aim to do much more than just that, which is why we offer an automated candidate screening that is AI-based and a set of amazing capabilities to make your work easier.

We keep developing skeeled to meet your every recruitment need and these new features are key to enable you to unlock your recruitment process’s full potential. Hence, we’re keen to help you make the most out of them.

Reinforcing your employer brand and providing an excellent candidate experience, along with the possibility of recruiting internally and externally, will definitely improve your recruiting performance.

skeeled recruitment software

Skeeled offers you the perfect opportunity to bring innovation and digitalisation to your hiring. Check our website or our LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages for further information.

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

Your team here at skeeled


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