Why the personality test helps you hire the best people and how to use it

Why the Personality Test Helps You Hire the Best People and How to Use it


Hiring the best people is any recruiter's main goal. However, that is getting more challenging than ever. Today, thanks to the huge amount of information available online, candidates are able to find ways of making their CVs look good and prepare themselves better for interviews. Notwithstanding, recruiters can also use new ways and tools for candidate assessment, such as the personality test.

Making a bad hire can cost companies a lot. Aside from the financial losses your company may incur in, there’s also the damages the wrong employee can inflict on your work environment, on your company culture, and even on your brand’s reputation. Moreover, onboarding a new employee is time-consuming and requires an investment in equipment and training to which your company expects to get a return.

Thus, hiring the best people for your company is of the utmost importance. So, what does it exactly mean to hire the best person? The best candidates are so much more than meeting the job requirements, such as the level of education or years of experience. The best candidates demonstrate certain personality traits that are a fit with the organisational culture and predictors of good job performance.

The ideal candidates are the ones that impact your work environment in a positive way, are productive and build meaningful relationships with others. How can recruiters spot them?

The Role of the Personality Test in Job Performance Prediction

During the recruitment process, recruiters need to assemble all the relevant information regarding candidates so that the best hiring decisions can be made. Yet, the traditional methods for gathering information are very subjective and unreliable.

On the contrary, the personality test provides recruiters with standardised, useful insights regarding how candidates behave in a work context and it predicts job performance and company fit. Studies have proven that personality traits like achievements striving, cooperation or leadership orientation, among others, play an important part in one’s job performance.

Well-developed and scientifically proven personality tests are an objective source of reliable information that allows to predict employee performance across a wide range of job categories and enable hiring decision-making based on concrete criteria.

The personality test measures workplace personality traits and occupational scores that are predictive of job performance. By combining this data with other evaluation elements such as the CV, video and in-person interview, etc, recruiters can identify more accurately the candidates that best fit a specific role.

How to Use the Personality Test on Your Recruitment Process

To leverage the use of the personality test, recruiters must strategically include this step in the recruiting cycle. Does it make sense to use it in the final stage of the recruitment process, when you’ve already shortlisted your candidates? Or can it be more helpful at the beginning of the recruitment, when recruiters have to dive into a huge pool of candidates and find the best talents, even those that hide behind a regular, standard CV?

The answer is clear. Using the personality test to screen candidates and improve the selection process right at the beginning of the recruitment process is the right way of doing it. The initial screening of candidates can greatly benefit from data-driven personality assessment insights.

Using the personality test at the early stages of the process helps recruiters to screen out candidates that are not a good fit at all, and to focus on the most promising profiles to identify and hire the best talent at the end.

It’s also important to make the personality test work as a seamlessly integrated step of your recruitment cycle. Providing candidates with a personality test on the same platform where they previously submitted their application, rather than sending them a link for an external assessment provider will help you achieve this.

Providing an integrated personality test allows candidates to do the assessment online, when and where they find more convenient, improving the candidate experience. It saves both the recruiter and the candidate a lot of time and makes it much easier for recruiters to analyse and compare candidate results.

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