skeeled releases employee referrals and new exclusion factors features

skeeled Releases Employee Referrals and New Exclusion Factors Features


We know how important it is for recruiters to source and engage faster with top talent. So, we keep working on skeeled to expand its capabilities and optimise your recruiting efforts. Hence, today I bring you more great news regarding our software development: we’ve released another two great new features - Employee Referrals and new Exclusion Factors.

Employee Referrals: an Efficient Recruiting Tool

Employee referral programs are considered to be one of the best ways to source candidates. That’s because referred candidates tend to get hired more quickly, perform better and stay longer in a position.

Using employee referrals helps recruiters in reducing their workload and saves them time.

Employee referrals make it easy to connect with top candidates that may not be actively seeking a job but are open to new career opportunities suggested by friends or relatives.

employee referrals and new exclusion factors features

Moreover, current employees are very careful about who they refer for a position. So, they previously assess the candidates' fitness for both the position and the company culture before recommending them.

Even though recruiters still need to screen and assess referred candidates, the probability of wasting time with completely unsuitable applicants is almost non-existing. That’s why employee referrals are considered to be one of the most reliable hiring sources that a company can use.

With skeeled, recruiters can now leverage current employees' professional network to get fast, direct access to great candidates that are very likely to be a good match for your company.

Employee referrals allow you to:

  • Reach Qualified Passive Candidates
  • Make Higher Quality Hires
  • Improve Your Employer Brand

Moreover, using this feature helps you spend less sourcing resources, speeding up the recruitment process and reducing your recruiting costs.

Exclusion Factors: Improving Candidate Screening Based on Custom Criteria

Candidate screening is an important step in the hiring process and improving it further is one of our biggest missions. We know how crucial it is to engage with the right candidates right from the beginning of recruitment.

To help with that, our software provides recruiters with an AI-powered resume screening algorithm that automatically matches candidates against job requirements. And to improve the candidate screening even further, recruiters can now set new, custom exclusion factors on the CV Add-Ons section to screen out all of those who don’t meet specific criteria.

This can be done using extra questions. Recruiters can ask candidates if they have a specific diploma, certification, skill, etc., and set the acceptable answer.

We also improved the driver’s licence exclusion factor, allowing you to automatically exclude candidates that don’t possess a specific drivers licence type instead of only excluding those who don’t have a driver’s licence at all. We’re certain this new feature will help you to find the top candidates on your talent pool even faster.


Skeeled offers you the perfect opportunity to bring innovation and digitalisation to your hiring. Check our website or our LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages for further information.

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

Your team here at skeeled


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