How Recruitment Automation Relieves Recruiters

How Recruitment Automation Relieves Recruiters


Recruitment automation is not a new concept but it continues to disrupt the way recruiters attract top talent. It enables consistent process execution and enables greater efficiency, better candidate experience and significant time and cost savings.

The current job market presents many obstacles to recruiters that automation can tear down. Recruitment automation allows you to automate tasks that are usually performed manually. Automation technologies leverage artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and predictive analytics and can be used in every stage of the recruitment process to assist you in hiring the right people, faster.

Recruitment softwares play a major role in the automation of recruitment, allowing you to meet the growing competitive challenges of talent acquisition. Job postings, CV screening and video interviews are just some of the recruitment tools that can be powered by automation to relieve your day-to-day work and improve your recruitment process effectiveness.

In a time where there's a shortage of skills in the job market and you see your recruiting team shrinking, identifying the right candidates within large candidate pools seems like mission impossible. However, using an automated and AI-powered recruitment software can be a true game changer. There are numerous manual, time-consuming tasks can be automated, so that you can make better use of your time.

Yet, more than freeing your time, recruitment automation can improve your efficiency by providing data on previous and current hires so you can replicate success in your recruitment efforts to find quality candidates and make the best hiring decisions.

Recruiting Automation Tools That Can Boost Your Recruitment

Driving an efficient recruitment strategy highly depends on the ability of a company to implement a more streamlined and agile hiring process to allow recruiters to focus and spend more time on what matters the most: engaging with top talent.

Although there are many automated tools you can use in your recruitment process that will help you maximize your efforts, we chose three to highlight how recruitment automation can relieve your work:

1. Automated CV Screening

Using a recruitment software or applicant tracking system (ATS) that offers you an automated AI-based CV screening will save you huge amounts of time and will allow you to quickly rule out all the unqualified profiles. Applicants that don’t match minimum job requirements are automatically screened out of the process and you can focus on the best candidates. This AI- based automated process is more reliable and faster than manual screening.

2. Automated Job Posting to Multiple Job boards

Manually posting jobs across various job boards is yet another time-consuming task that you can get rid of with a recruiting software that allows automated job posting on the most suitable job boards and professional networks with just a few clicks. The best way to quickly advertise your job listings in the right places and target the right candidates.

3. Email Automation

Candidate engagement is one of the biggest pain points in recruitment. Manually communicating with hundreds of applicants may be humanly impossible, but with the right applicant tracking system (ATS), you can send mass emails to all candidates, in every stage of the recruitment process. You can easily create custom templates using variables to send personalised emails.

Candidates will thank you for keeping them on the loop and will stick around longer. This will provide a better candidate experience and boost your employer branding without exhausting your time. Moreover, if you use a system that includes email templates for scheduling video or in-person interviews and provide application follow-up, you’ll save time and keep candidates continuously engaged until the end of the recruitment process.


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