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How LALUX Entered the Digital Era of Recruitment With skeeled


LALUX ASSURANCES is one of our esteemed customers who’s been using skeeled for approximately a year and a half now. A renowned Insurance Company in Luxembourg, LALUX has been ranked 1st in terms of Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty by the “Luxembourgish Group” and 3rd in the “Lux Customer Champions” 2018, with the highest score on Resolution and Empathy.

To further strengthen their brand and to continue to grow, it’s crucial that they attract and hire the best talent. But the insurance company came to the conclusion that the traditional recruitment method was no longer suitable for their needs and it had become a too long and too tiring process with no added value.

After looking in the market for a solution that could fulfil all of their recruitment needs, LALUX chose skeeled and trusted that our software would help them take their recruitment process into the digital era.

The Downsides of the Traditional Recruitment Process

Before implementing skeeled, LALUX had a traditional recruitment process. Meaning that they still had to deal with paper applications and received lots of CVs that were sent in by email, making it hard to organise all the information and, therefore, hampering good hiring decisions.

As Luxembourg is an interesting market that attracts many job-seekers, recruiting activities like analysing a great number of CVs, making a pre-selection of potential talents that better matched with the job description, organising face-to-face interviews with the most qualified candidates, and providing feedback to all of the candidates who applied became more and more difficult to manage.

These tasks took a huge amount of time from recruiters. Time that was, in fact, needed to invest ahead in the most important steps of the selection process to find and hire the right candidate. “We only received printed out applications and we wrote a letter for every single applicant to inform them of their process”, Marc Parage, Head of HR at LALUX, explains, adding that this was the biggest challenge their HR department was facing before implementing skeeled.

But there were other improvement needs besides freeing recruiters from repetitive and time-consuming administrative tasks. LALUX ASSURANCES has more than 90 different agencies and with these many offices collaboration between the different departments is mandatory in order to keep everyone aligned and assure that the right hiring decisions are made to keep the teams growing with the best talent.

They found it impossible to implement a collaborative hiring process by traditional means. Having acknowledged that it represented yet another real challenge, the renowned Luxembourgish insurance company decided to seek a software solution that could automate and digitalise the first recruitment steps and provide collaborative tools (profile sharing, candidate rating and integrated commenting).

LALUX was also looking to improve the quality of hire. With the growing application rates, it became overwhelming to manually screen and evaluate great amounts of CVs and, in the end, be sure that no good candidate got lost in that dated workflow.

Leaving Paper CVs Behind to Connect to the Digital World

Implementing skeeled as their recruitment software allowed LALUX to significantly reduce the number of paper applications and CVs sent by email, which contributed to the centralisation of all information about the candidates. Hence, they were able to put in place a collaborative hiring process.

Recruiting a new colleague is a team effort, so everyone gets involved in the hiring decision making. How? Our recruitment software allows LALUX recruiters from different agencies to quickly and easily check every job status, know who’s been told what, make comments about the candidates directly on their profile and instantly share information, instead of using the email account to go forth and back with loose emails.

The increased collaboration between the different agencies also contributed to the standardisation of the recruitment practices, whereas the personality test and pre-recorded video interview helps to better evaluate the personality, skills and motivations of each candidate.

Given all the improvements we introduced in our customer’s recruitment process, we are definitely proud to say that using the skeeled platform was key for LALUX to embrace the digital revolution and to hire the best talent.

Would you like to know more about the results LALUX achieved using skeeled? Read the full Case Study!

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Skeeled offers you the perfect opportunity to bring innovation and digitalisation to your hiring. Check our website or our LinkedIn and Facebook pages for further information.

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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