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How COSTANTINI Built an Optimised and GDPR-Proof Recruitment With skeeled

Due to a demanding recruitment activity, COSTANTINI chose skeeled to streamline their recruiting process and ensure the protection of the candidates’ data.

Written by Daniela Costa

The COSTANTINI Group is a reference in the field of Civil Engineering and is present in the Grand duchy of Luxembourg, in France and also in Belgium, employing around 573 staff. With a demanding recruitment activity, COSTANTINI was in need of a solution that allowed them to digitalise and streamline their recruiting process.

Partnering up with skeeled was an important step to implement a more efficient recruitment strategy. Since they started using our recruitment software, they were able to optimise their recruitment process, saving considerable time in recruiting activities thanks to the simplified management of applications, and achieved their main goal of becoming GDPR compliant.

What Challenges Was COSTANTINI Facing?

The COSTANTINI Group offers a wide range of services in the sectors of Construction, General Contracting, Real Estate Development, Real Estate Assembly, General Electricity, Demolition, Asbestos Removal as well as Industrial and Individual Works, in Luxembourg, France and Belgium.

This requires them to operate with highly efficient teams composed of people with different specialisations. Therefore, to drive a more productive hiring process, they needed a solution to centralise the candidates’ data and to organise their recruitment workflow so they could have a more performing strategy. Moreover, COSTANTINI was looking for a trusted solution to implement new data protection measures to comply with the GDPR.


How Did skeeled Improve Their Recruitment Process?

Implementing an all-in-one solution such as skeeled, with AI-powered CV screening, video interview and personality assessment, allowed COSTANTINI to automate time-consuming, administrative tasks and assemble organised workflows that provide better and more effective application management.

Implementing skeeled allowed COSTANTINI to digitalise and centralise the recruitment process, ensuring the protection of the candidates’ data according to the GDPR. Our smart recruitment software also provided them with the opportunity to streamline and automate the first steps of the recruitment process, benefiting from simplified application management and saving time to focus on engaging the best candidates and make high-quality hires.

How does COSTANTINI Succeed by Using the skeeled software?

Over more than a year of using skeeled, the COSTANTINI Group has published around 38 jobs and received 1004 applications. Everyone involved in the recruiting activities enjoys using skeeled as it is an easy to use tool that saves time and allows to make better hiring decisions. Some of the positive outcomes of using skeeled as their recruitment software are the ability to communicate with candidates at every stage of the recruitment process in an easy and personalised way, which has allowed COSTANTINI to improve engagement and retain the best candidates on their talent pipeline.

Moreover, COSTANTINI now drives a more collaborative hiring process thanks, for instance, to the CV sharing feature that enables recruiters and hiring managers to decide together on which candidates to move forward on the recruitment process making sure they hire the right people at the end.

Using an easily accessible recruitment platform such as skeeled has been a success for COSTANTINI, as they have been able to centralise all applications and candidate information as they intended. Altogether, the simplified application management offered by skeeled along with a key set of features such as the standard CV, automated email tool, personality test and video interview, for instance, have enabled the recruitment department at COSTANTINI to drive an optimised and efficient recruitment process.

Read the full Case Study to know all the details about how skeeled transformed COSTANTINI’s recruitment process.

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