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Case Study: Driving a Successful Recruitment Process with skeeled

To cope with the digital transformation that is developing across all business and social sectors, Losch needed a new recruitment solution to level up their talent acquisition process.

Written by Daniela Costa

The Losch Group is the biggest player in the Luxembourgish car sector. Therefore, recruiting the best talent is key for the success of the company. To maintain its operations, Losch hires very diversified profiles, from mechanics to digital managers or accountants.

The traditional recruitment methods became obsolete and couldn't serve their needs anymore. To cope with the digital transformation that is developing across all business and social sectors, Losch needed a new recruitment solution to level up their talent acquisition process.

What Challenges Was Losch Facing?

The Losch Group has significantly grown over the years, and today they employ more than 930 employees and have very diversified teams. The company’s current dimension along with diversity of roles to fill led Losch to a point where they knew they needed to upgrade their recruitment process to keep attracting and securing the best candidates.

Regarding their old recruitment process, the biggest pain points were:

  • Large-volume applications management;
  • Selection process of the most promising profiles;
  • Collaboration within HR department;
  • Quality of hire improvement.

How Did skeeled Improve Their Recruitment Process?

Losch became aware of how crucial it was to embrace a more agile recruitment process, with the implementation of a software that could prevent the company from losing potential talent and, also, allow them to keep up with the digitalisation fast growth.

Given that one of the biggest challenges that Losch’s HR department was facing before implementing skeeled was handling large-volume applications efficiently, they needed a tool that could automate CV matching and quickly identify which candidates are a good fit for a specific role.

The automatised pre-screening process that skeeled offers allows recruiters to save a lot of time in the initial stages of the recruitment process. It gives them the opportunity to devote their full attention to the best candidates on the pipeline, that are automatically matched to the job requirements by our AI-powered algorithms. Moreover, the personality test and video interview offer additional insights that help recruiters to assess more accurately if a candidate has the right potential for a role and whether he fits the company culture.

Additionally, using skeeled gave Losch the ability to engage candidates better and more actively. The personalised mass emailing feature allows them to easily provide candidates with follow up at every stage of their application process, which strengthens their employer branding and improves the candidate experience.

The HR department also became more efficient as recruiters got freed from most administrative tasks and can now focus on the face-to-face interviews with the top talent and the final selection process. Our recruitment software also provides them with a fully collaborative workflow that optimizes the recruitment cycle and enables better hiring decision making.

How does Losch Succeed by Using the skeeled software?

With the help of skeeled Losch assembled a centralised and streamlined recruitment process and is now able to foster collaboration between their 14 affiliated companies, making sure that the right candidates are hired across all locations and no good candidate slips through the cracks.

Moreover, by enabling full, straightforward collaboration between the different companies and departments, they achieved their goal of increasing hiring proactivity and quality.

The skeeled software ultimately gave Losch the ability to embrace the digital revolution. They reduced the amount of paper applications and standardised their processes which allowed them to develop a better management and organisation of the applicant flows.

Read the full Case Study to know all the details about how skeeled transformed Losch’s recruitment process.

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