7 reasons why recruiters love using the ATS

7 Reasons Why Recruiters Love Using the ATS


An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a powerful recruitment tool. There are many recruiters that are aware of that and appreciate what the right ATS can do for them. But there are also still some who think that this kind of tool is only meant to be used in big corporations with dozens of open positions.

However, this is a suitable tool for any recruiting team (big or small) that can save recruiters time and money and, more importantly, help them find and hire the right candidates. An ATS isn’t just a mean of receiving and screening applications. It also helps to manage them effectively by enabling easy and quick candidate communication and fast-tracking of information.

The recruitment industry is facing a technological revolution due to digitalisation and the emerging automation technologies powered by artificial intelligence. Modern recruiters rely on hr tech tools to find and hire the right candidates faster. Many of the time-consuming, administrative tasks that recruiters perform manually can be optimised by the ATS. Job postings, CV screening, and video interviews are just some of the recruitment steps that can be automated to relieve recruiters’ day-to-day work and improve the recruitment process effectiveness.

Freeing recruiters to focus on candidate selection it’s, in fact, one of the main advantages of the ATS. It keeps recruiters less busy with complying with the recruitment process administrative procedures, entering data on spreadsheets and sending emails to hiring managers back and forth, allowing them to focus on what matters most. Dedicating their full attention to candidate assessment is essential to guarantee that the applicants who best fit open positions move forward in the recruitment process.

Here are 7 reasons why recruiters love using the applicant tracking system:

1. It is a Time Saver

The right ATS is able to automate time-consuming tasks like job posting on multiple job boards or CV submissions. Recruiters won't need to manually input candidate data into spreadsheets ever again. With an ATS all your candidate data is automatically imported to the software and presented in a standardised format to make it easier for them to analyse all the candidates.

Also, thanks to the AI-based pre-screening features, recruiters don’t need to spend one more minute on completely unqualified applicants. The right ATS will match all applications against job requirements and will accept and reject candidates according to their suitability for the position they applied to.

2. It Drives Efficiency

With the ATS recruiters can easily manage and track incoming applicants and keep data organised and accessible to all team members to review. Searching the talent pool for candidates by various categories, like location, skills or education, for example, it’s also easy and quick. Besides, an ATS can streamline the entire recruitment process, which allows recruiters to optimise the recruitment cycle, find the best candidates and make the right hiring decision.

3. It Makes Recruiters More Productive

ATS have many features and functionalities that improve the recruiter’s productivity like integrated email system that facilitates the communication with candidates. It also enables collaborative hiring through commenting and sharing features, that allow recruiters to easily give and receive feedback about the candidates. This has an immensely positive impact on individual and team productivity and improves the decision-making process.

4. It Improves the Quality of Hire

With an AI-based automation of candidate screening, the ATS quickly spots the candidates that best match the job requirements and screens out the unqualified applicants. This process allows recruiters to focus on the top talent on the pipeline and impacts the quality of hire. Having the ability to better screen and qualify candidates will, ultimately, help recruiters choose the best candidates and increase their companies’ employee retention rate.

5. It Provides Recruitment Performance Reports

The right ATS provides analytics functionalities that allow recruiters and hiring managers to create reports to monitor key recruitment metrics and provide useful insights to better manage the recruitment process. Using reports to assess the recruitment performance allows to easily identify where recruiters are wasting the recruitment funds, and where they should be using it instead to improve results.

6. It Fosters a Better Candidate Experience

The candidate experience is an undeniably vital part of the recruitment process. The ATS enables a simpler, mobile-friendly application process, allowing candidates to apply in minutes thanks to CV parsing. So, delivering a more modern, more organised and more engaging recruitment process will definitely attract and delight candidates.

7. It Boost the Employer Brand

Using an ATS in the recruitment process also helps strengthening the employer brand during the candidate journey thanks to customisation and branding options for job posts, application forms, career pages, email communications, etc. Besides, another great aspect of using an ATS is the integration with the company’s career page. Recruiters don’t need to manually post jobs on the company website. The right ATS will do that for them.

If your company is not currently using an ATS or if you feel that your current software it’s not the right solution to your recruitment needs download our ebook and learn how to choose the right ATS.

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