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Why Improving Candidate Experience Helps You Get Better Candidates

Regardless of whether a candidate gets hired or not for a position in your company, the candidate experience you provide can affect your ability to attract talent. Learn the top 3 reasons why you should improve candidate experience.

Written by Daniela Costa

Providing a good candidate experience is important at every stage of your recruitment process. Regardless of whether a candidate gets hired or not for a position in your company, the candidate experience you provide impacts your employer branding and can affect your ability to attract talent.

Actually, on a job market where there’s a shortage of skills, the most qualified candidates have the possibility of choosing which company they want to work at. And don’t fool yourself. They do see the overall candidate experience as an indicator of how a company values its people and take it into consideration when deciding whether to accept or decline a job offer.

That being said, we all agree that providing a positive candidate experience is paramount to get candidates to trust a company and be interested in working it, right? Then, it’s important to assess the experience you currently provide to candidates throughout the recruitment process and work on some important improvements.

Assessing your own recruitment process will allow you to understand which are the pain points you need to address and develop the necessary recruiting strategies to provide a winning candidate experience.

To help you understand that this is not about trends or buzzwords, we made a list of the top 3 reasons why improving candidate experience helps you get the best talent.

1. Candidates That Don’t Receive Feedback Don’t Reapply

The lack of communication and feedback is one of the most occurring aspects of poor candidate experience. According to a research from Talent Board, 47% of job seekers were still waiting for feedback from employers two months after they applied for a job. The same research also pointed that only 20% of unsuccessful applicants were notified by email and even less, 8%, received a phone call.

Easy to understand why 80% of job seekers said it is unlikely they would apply for another position in a company that previously failed to notify them of their progress on a application. On the other hand, candidates say that if they had received an email or phone call informing them they were rejected, they would be much more inclined to apply again for the same company.

2. Poor Candidate Experiences Speak Loud About Your Company

Qualified candidates are more skilled when it comes to researching a company they’re thinking about applying to. You may have a great career site, build with top of the class recruiting marketing techniques, but in the era of social media and review sites no one gets quiet about poor candidate experience.

Having bad reviews on Glassdoor or on your company’s social media pages is bad for the business of recruiting. One bad experience shared can hurt your employer brand and negatively influence numerous candidates’ decision to apply for your company.

3. A Positive Candidate Experience Improves Your Recruitment Process

Improving candidate experience means improving your entire recruitment process. To provide a better experience you need to communicate more, you need to have a streamlined process and you need to differentiate yourself through personalised interactions that will offer a human touch in the age of digitalisation.

In result, you’ll be able to retain and hire the best candidates and improve important recruitment performance metrics such as quality of hire and time-to-fill a position. In a nutshell, it’s fair to say that providing a good candidate experience is not just about pleasing applicants, but also about improving your recruiting results.

Now that we've got you thinking about how you can boost your candidate experience, read this article about candidate experience best practices and start making some magic.


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