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The Happy Recruiter as a Magnet for Talent

The job market is experiencing beautiful but unfortunately very hard times. As discussed already a dozen of times: the war for talent is raging on and

Written by Daniela Costa

The job market is experiencing beautiful, but unfortunately very hard times. As discussed already a dozen of times: the war for talent is raging on and recruitment and retention are back on the agenda according to various reports.

This means that having over 30 open vacancies today is more of a generality than an exception and HR people feel that they are under pressure all the time. And then we don’t even talk about the limitations under which they have to work: high pressure, not enough budget, ATS that already didn’t work in 2013 and hiring managers that only react after 2 weeks. No wonder the turnover of recruiters is that high, and this is exactly what companies cannot afford in a pressure filled environment.

Companies that want to succeed in getting the best and, more importantly, happy candidates, need to make sure that their recruiters are happy as well. Excellent coffee and a management team that inspires them aren’t the only ingredients.

The following measures can be taken in order to keep your recruitment team HAPPY:

1. Take the time for conversations

Transparency is key when it comes to know what’s in the mind of your employees. Regular catch-ups and short meetings will solve small issues before they arise.

2. Give the right recruitment trainings

Your company’s mission and vision should be reflected in the way you hire people. Let your recruiters understand this and train them on having the right methodology, so they attract the right candidates as well.

3. Make sure hiring managers are up to date and see the importance of their job

Reducing the time to hire is one of the key priorities when talking about the recruitment strategy. In most companies, this doesn’t only depend on the recruiter. The hiring managers have the 2nd most important role in this process.

4. Create a strong employer brand which your employees can be proud of

Research has shown that over 75% of job seekers research the company’s reputation and attach great importance to the brand image before applying.

5. Provide your team with the right tools

Do your current technologies support or frustrate your recruitment team? Consult your department on this to find out how happy they are with the tools. After all, it's your employees who have to use them on a daily basis.

6. Value quality over quantity

Why? It all is related to overhead costs. Imagine you hire 2 candidates that are outstanding, and compare this with hiring 4 candidates that aren’t a great fit. This means less interviews, less effort to put in the onboarding process and less turnover. On top, having high quality candidates is going to increase the potential for exceptional results.

7. Be flexible in the workplace

Happy recruiters will bring happy candidates, agreed. But turn it also the other way around: Happy candidates will make your recruiters even more motivated.

8. Facilitate collaborative hiring

Your company definitely wants more than one shareholder taking the decision in the hiring process. Besides, facilitating the communication between recruiters and for example hiring managers can significantly reduce your time to hire.

In order to hire the right people, and give them a great experience during the application process, your company has to take care of their HR team. Although it is a tough nut to crack, the tips above will put you in the right direction to keep them motivated and happy.


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