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HR Technology and Social Media: the key to attract more talent

In an era ruled by internet and social media, recruitment is no longer about companies waiting passively to be found by job seekers, but much on the

Written by Daniela Costa

Lately, we have written many articles on how HR Technology has transformed recruitment processes, but in fact, we have only scratched the surface of this topic.

In an era ruled by Internet and social media, recruitment is no longer about companies waiting passively to be found by job seekers, but much on the contrary to be proactive in finding and sourcing the right candidates with the precious help of HR Technology.

Nowadays, recruiters have a variety of channels that they can use to find and engage with the best applicants like job boards, social media, targeted advertising, email and SMS.

So, today we’re going to focus on the way HR Technology and social media allow companies to attract more talent. Here a few points to hopefully shed some light on this matter:

Use Social Media to fill your Talent Pool

It is pretty clear why social media turned out to be a vital channel for sourcing candidates. The majority of people spend a lot of their free time on social networks, making them the easiest way to find and interact with potential applicants.

At the same time, social media is the perfect platform to promote your employer brand and company culture.

Social media networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter give you access to a large number of potential candidates, including many who are not actively looking for a new job and, therefore, wouldn’t proactively apply to your job offer.

But many of these candidates can be a perfect match to your job requirements and are likely to apply if they feel that the job position offered is good! Also, it’s more and more usual for candidates to search for new jobs on their phones. Using HR technology and social media networks to post job offers allows you to target candidates with specific job offers, helping you to match job requirements with candidate’s profiles.

The advantages of social media when it comes to recruitment are endless, but here are some of the benefits you can add to the list: it allows you to promote your brand’s presence and drive traffic to your recruitment activities; to build a community of potential candidates and continuously engage with them; to interact with recruitment industry influencers granting access to more potential followers and applicants; and most of all, to provide the best candidate experience, interacting with candidates throughout the entire recruitment process, keeping them up-to-date and involved.

Mobile is the way to go!

Going through newspaper job ads is definitely a thing of the past. Today, recruitment is all about digital experience. And even accessing the Internet on a desktop computer is becoming old-fashioned. Most of Internet pages are currently being accessed via mobile, specifically through smartphones.

This is an ever-connected society we’re living in and potential candidates want to be able to look for new openings wherever they are. This is why it is mandatory to have a mobile enabled recruitment platform, powered by HR Technology, to win the race for sourcing the best talent. Mobile also allows recruiters and candidates to meet wherever they are. This accelerates the recruitment process and is more practical for the new generation of job seekers, who are comfortable with a more immediate aproach from recruiters.

However, to be successful with your mobile strategy, you have to align it with your social media plan and keep in mind that mobile users have high expectations about being updated on job position status and on every stage of the application process.

It also important that the candidate’s information can be stored and used again whenever a candidate wishes to apply to another job in your company as this largely improves the candidate experience. The best way to achieve this is to adopt an HR Technology tool that provides online sourcing, integrating many social media platforms and job boards.


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