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How to Get Started With skeeled?

Our software digitalises and streamlines your recruitment process so that your company can get the best talent, faster. Read our how to article to know how easy it is to get started with skeeled.

Written by Daniela Costa

The skeeled platform is a unique technological solution that digitalises and streamlines your recruitment process so that your company can get the best talent, faster.

Our recruitment software automates time-consuming, administrative tasks and provides custom, organised workflows that allow a better and more effective application management.

And it’s very easy to use thanks to its user-centric approach. You just need one login and a few clicks to set up your account and lead your recruitment team in the way of success.

Today we start a new series of how to articles in which we will show you how our platform works, whilst sharing some top tips on how to take full advantage of all its features and functionalities.

Our first topic is how to get started with skeeled:

How to Set up Your Company Account

To set up the account, you just need to go to the menu and click settings. There you can manage all the relevant account information:

Personal - complete your profile by simply fill in the missing information. Insert a profile picture, set an alias (a simplified version of your name), register your employee position and phone number, and add an email signature.

personal information setup

Team - invite your team members to join skeeled and assign them specific roles. You just need to insert their email address, choose a role and hit the invite button. Once jobs are created in the platform this also where you’ll be able to add recruiters to them.

recruiter permission setup

Permissions - once there are active recruiters on your account you can change or customise their roles and permissions in this tab. This allows you to fully manage and control your team.

Company - configure your company’s information. You can quickly add logo(s), register the company address, set a candidate status list according to your desired workflow, create the list of tags you will use on candidate profiles and set automatic system emails that you wish to send candidates.

candidate status and tag list

Emailing - last but not least, skeeled also allows you to create custom email templates for you and your team to use to communicate with candidates. Each template you create can be shared with all the team or kept private, only for you to use. By using variables on the templates you can personalise the messages you send to candidates, improving candidate experience. Here you can also define in which situations you wish to be emailed (every time there’s a new applicant for a job or you if you receive spontaneous applications, etc) and set your at mention notification preferences.

Top Tips to Take Full Advantage of skeeled

As we've seen, you can quickly register your company on skeeled. However, we suggest you take your time to set up your account as best possible.

Having your team roles well organised, a clear workflow and a prepared communication system will surely allow you to drive a more efficient recruitment process.

Here are 4 top tips to set your account properly:

  1. Before adding recruiters to your account, analyse each role specifications and permissions, so that you manage your team correctly.
  1. Upload a high quality logo to boost your employer branding. Candidates will see the logo on the job offers. If you have different logos for different areas of your company, make sure to upload all of them to your account. Then, every time you create a new job on the platform you’ll be able to choose which logo you want to use.
  1. The candidate status list allows you to create a custom workflow. Analyse your recruitment cycle, identify the key stages and create the list accordingly. Remember that the status will let everyone in your team know where that applicant stands in the hiring process, so you must create a status list that is clear to all.

  2. Set your email templates carefully, to avoid any misspellings or inconsistencies. Make a list of every communication scenarios (interview appointment, rejection letter, application follow up, etc.) and use variables to ensure maximum personalisation. Bare in mind that providing candidates with feedback is of the utmost importance to retain the top talent on your pipeline, so take advantage of this feature to make it easy and quick to keep candidates engaged throughout the recruitment process.

skeeled recruitment software

Skeeled offers you the perfect opportunity to bring innovation and digitalisation to your hiring. Check our website or our LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages for further information.

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

Your team here at skeeled

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