How sales-lentz streamlined their recruitment process with skeeled

How Sales-Lentz Streamlined Their Recruitment Process With skeeled


The Sales-Lentz Group is the biggest pool of private coaches in Luxembourg with more than 500 vehicles of different sizes and equipment, employing around 1300 staff and making about 60 new hires per year.

With such an intensive recruitment activity, Sales-Lentz was in need of a solution that allowed them to manage their hiring process within a clear line. Partnering up with skeeled was a huge step to implement a more efficient recruitment strategy. Since they started using our recruitment software, they’ve experienced a huge improvement in how they handle applications, particularly in terms of candidate communication and follow-up.

What Challenges Was Sales-Lentz Facing?

The Sales-Lentz Group, with ten companies around Luxembourg, was experiencing difficulty in driving a consistent and productive hiring process. Running disorganised workflows and performing many manual recruitment activities that are time-consuming, were some of the biggest pain points of the management of their recruitment process.

With an average of 80 candidates per job, recruiters were struggling to manage such large volume applications and provide follow up to the candidates.

How Did skeeled Improve Their Recruitment Process?

Implementing an all-in-one solution such as skeeled, with AI-powered CV screening, video interview and personality assessment, allowed Sales-Lentz to automate time-consuming, administrative tasks and assemble organised workflows that provide better and more effective application management.

The Sales Lentz Group has been able to digitalise and centralise all job applications in one single platform, streamline the recruitment process with the automation of the screening of all incoming CVs, and promote an improved collaboration between recruiters.

Improving candidate assessment with the personality test and the video interview has also helped them in the selection process and, ultimately, increased the quality of hire.

How does Sales-Lentz Succeed by Using the skeeled software?

Almost two years since Sales-Lentz started using skeeled, around 40 jobs were published and 130 new hires were made in the entire group. Everyone involved in the recruiting activities is delighted with the skeeled software.

Saying goodbye to hiring spreadsheets and reducing the internal emails influx are just some of the positive outcomes of using skeeled as their recruitment software. Sales-Lentz centralised all applications and candidate information in one platform only, that is easily accessible for all recruiters and hiring managers, which allowed them to reduce the number of paper applications and enabled better management and organisation of the applicant flows.

Sales-Lentz recruiters find it much easier to keep up with what is going on with every job opening and to communicate with candidates as well as following-up on them. Moreover, thanks to skeeled’s assessment tools (personality test and video interview) they feel more confident to make recruiting decisions. The evidence-based selection process makes it easier to identify the best candidates to move forward and to hire the right people at the end.

Read the full Case Study to know all the details about how skeeled transformed Sales-Lentz recruitment process.

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