How Nu Skin built a more collaborative and efficient recruitment process

How Nu Skin® Built a More Collaborative and Efficient Recruitment Process With skeeled


Nu Skin® is a global direct selling company, operating in 52 markets worldwide and counting with 800,000 independent distributors and 400 people in Europe. The company creates and sells exceptional anti-ageing personal care products and nutritional supplements. The main activity is related to makeup, skin care, body care and food and beauty supplements.

It is a dynamic, international company with a rich diversity of cultures and nationalities represented in their staff. Its dimension and business model led them to a point where they needed a shift in their recruitment process, given that the traditional recruitment process didn’t solve their needs anymore. Therefore, Nu Skin® needed a new recruitment solution to digitalise and streamline their hiring process, so they could keep attracting the best talent.

What Challenges Was Nu Skin® Facing?

Nu Skin® was mainly looking to improve collaboration and reduce the time to screen candidates. Sustaining a manual recruitment process was no longer an option. It took recruiters a lot of time to organise and prioritise all the CV applications received by email and collaborating for hiring decision making was getting more difficult every day. The whole recruitment process was messy, time-consuming and complicated to deal with.

How Did skeeled Improve Their Recruitment Process?

By implementing skeeled, an all-in-one tool with AI-powered CV screening, video Interview and a personality assessment, Nu Skin® was able to automate time-consuming, administrative tasks and assemble an organised workflow that allows a better and more effective application management.

With the skeeled software Nu Skin® is now able to post job offers to multiple job boards faster, automatically receive and screen applications, assess candidates’ personality and have them answer a structured set of questions through a video interview, rate and comment candidate profiles and send personalised email communications with just a few clicks. All the relevant information regarding the recruitment process gets registered in one place for all team members to check when needed, enabling a more organised workflow.

How does Nu Skin® Succeed by Using the skeeled software?

With the help of skeeled, Nu Skin® succeeded in developing a more efficient, collaborative and cost efficient recruitment process. The company was able to successfully digitalise their entire recruitment process, improve the management of all the applications and significantly increase collaboration and teamwork within the HR department while reducing recruitment costs.

Nu Skin® has managed to adopt a very organised and centralised way of working between hiring managers and HR teams, to make sure that the best candidates are hired across all locations. The skeeled software helped Nu Skin® reducing the amount of paper applications and standardising their processes, embracing the digital revolution.

In one year the company posted 68 jobs and hired around 40 new employees. In the HQ office of Belgium alone, they managed to decrease agency spend by 20% and reduce the time to screen candidates by 25%.

Read the full Case Study to know all the details about how skeeled transformed Nu Skin®‘s recruitment process.


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