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Ebook: How to Choose the Right ATS

Companies are increasingly adopting the ATS to improve application management and screening. Learn how to choose the right ATS for your company with our ebook.

Written by Daniela Costa

Companies are increasingly adopting the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to improve the management and screening of applications and increase candidate engagement throughout the recruitment process.

The reason why it is among the most used recruitment softwares is that in today’s job market companies that use an ATS are most likely to quickly attract, identify and hire the best candidates. Whereas, those who do not leverage new recruitment strategies and tools are more likely to fail to achieve their recruiting objectives.

ATS: an Important Piece of the Digital Era of Recruitment

Recruiters need to be able to focus and spend more time on what matters the most: engaging with top talent and performing a better selection process. So, from small to midsize businesses (SMBs), companies need to power up their recruitment strategy by adopting new tech solutions that enable a better and faster hiring process.

The war for talent is at its highest peak and driving an successful recruitment requires digitalising and streamlining your processes so you can be more efficient. The ATS is the best tool to simplify every step of your recruitment process, assisting you with the attraction, management and recruitment of candidates. And it does so by automatically gathering, organising and ranking incoming applications, allowing you to optimise your time and focus on the profiles that best match a job’s requirements.

An ATS can largely improve recruiters’ productivity with the automation of many administrative tasks allowing, among other things, to post jobs on multiple job boards and send personalised mass emails to candidates with just a few clicks.

More than ever, powering up your recruitment process to attract and secure top talent is an investment that brings an immense return. Digitalising and centralising all the candidates’ information in a single platform is key to run a successful recruitment process. But using a software that provides an automated, AI-powered screening of all the incoming applications to identify the best candidates more accurately is a big plus.

Thus, when the time comes to choose a software you must take the time to analyse market options carefully before deciding which ATS to buy. Not all options available will suit your every need, and only a few have the features that will take your recruitment process to the next level.

If you are evaluating the possibility of implementing a recruitment software in your company, download our ebook and learn what key aspects you must take into consideration to choose the right ATS.

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