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4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Pre-Employment Test

Pre-employment tests add great value to the recruitment process as they help companies to objectively check if their candidates are really fit for a specific job.

Written by Daniela Costa

Pre-employment tests add great value to the recruitment process as they help companies to objectively check if their candidates are really fit for a specific job.

Oftentimes, candidates state in their resume or during job interviews that they have specific skills and mind-sets that, in reality, they don’t which can lead recruiters to make bad hiring decisions. To prevent this from happening, companies can implement pre-employment testing during the recruiting process enabling evidence-based decision-making.

Pre-employment tests are an objective and standardised way of gathering data on candidates during the hiring process to get insights into their capabilities and traits.

Nowadays, there are many online platforms that offer pre-employment tests, making it more affordable for companies to implement this type of assessment during the recruitment process. According to the Talent Board’s Candidate Experience Research report, in 2018, over 68 % of EMEA organisations were using pre-employment assessment and selection tests in their talent acquisition efforts.

Types of Pre-Employment Tests

There are different types of pre-employment tests and depending on the type being used, pre-employment assessments can provide relevant information on a candidate’s ability to perform in the workplace.

  • Aptitude Tests - these tests measure critical thinking, problem-solving, and the ability to learn, understand and apply new information. Cognitive aptitude tests are used to assess a candidate’s general intelligence or brainpower.

  • Personality Tests - these tests are very popular among recruiters as personality is a scientifically-proven predictor of job performance. Assessing a candidate’s behavioural tendencies in a work environment allows recruiters to understand if a candidate will, in fact, be a top performer and if he will fit the culture of the company.

  • Skills Tests - these tests measure broad and specific job-related competencies from verbal, math, and communication skills, to typing and computer skills.

We at skeeled offer recruiters an integrated Personality Test called PCI (Personality Characteristics Inventory) to measure the Big Five dimensions of the candidates’ personality in a work behavioural context. Our choice is precisely based on the research that shows that assessing personality is a reliable method of predicting future job performance.

In a work setting, personality is determinant in the way individuals interact with one another and that affects the daily outcome of any organisation. If a team doesn’t work well together that will ultimately affect organisational productivity. Measuring workplace personality traits and occupational scores that are predictive of job performance helps recruiters to quickly assess if a candidate is suitable for a job position or not, across a wide range of job categories.

Moreover, a personality assessment goes beyond avoiding the risk of poor candidates making it to the final stage of the recruitment process. It also helps recruiters identify exceptional candidates that otherwise could go unnoticed through the traditional screening methods.


4 Tips to Help Recruiters Choose a Pre-Employment Test

Pre-employment assessments can be one of the most objective ways of predicting job performance and company fit. Nevertheless, recruiters need to carefully choose the pre-employment tests they’ll use during the hiring process. Here are 4 things recruiters definitely must take into consideration while choosing a pre-employment test:

1. Is it Legal?

The use of pre-employment testing and assessment has to follow the same guidelines as any other hiring selection method (including resumes, interviews, etc.). These guidelines state that pre-employment tests must comply with equal employment opportunity laws, avoiding any discrimination or adverse impact on candidates, and be job-related.

Tests can add a layer of legal defensibility to the hiring process due to the fact that they provide employers with objective, scientifically validated predictors of success in a job, in opposition to other subjective hiring methods. These actually give companies a chance to better defend their hiring procedures if someone questions their hiring process legality. The personality test skeeled provides strictly follows these guidelines.

2. Is it Well-Developed and Scientifically Proven?

There are different types of psychometric measures that are used to validate pre-employment tests. The most important types of validity-supporting evidence are construct validity, content validity, and criterion validity. The personality test we provide, for instance, is based on the worldwide renowned theoretical model, the Five-Factor Model, also known as the Big Five, and uses these three types of methodologies.

3. Is it Job-Related?

Pre-employment tests must measure job-relevant skills, abilities, and traits. Otherwise, not only will companies have an ineffective selection process, but also it will fail to be legally compliant. To make sure this doesn’t happen, recruiters must first create a job profile for a given position, describing the skills, work activities, and abilities that are associated with it, and then determine which tests are the most relevant. Our personality also ticks this box, as it allows to predict employee performance across a wide range of job categories and to make hiring decisions based on concrete, job-related criteria.

4. Is it Easy to Integrate on an Existing Recruitment Process?

When deciding to include a pre-employment assessment in the recruitment process, recruiters must think about how will the candidates take the test. Will they be provided with a link to a secondary website (of the test provider) to complete the test? That can discourage candidates that are more concerned with privacy issues and cause them to drop out. The best option is to choose a pre-employment test that can seamlessly integrate into a company’s recruitment process.

Why Consider skeeled’s Pre-Employment Test

Our recruitment software offers an integrated personality test that allows candidates to do the assessment online, when and where they see the best fit, without the need to access or log in third-party websites. Recruiters also have immediate access to the test results on the candidate’s profile, which makes it much easier to analyse and compare the results and allows a faster selection process.

Moreover, skeeled offers a personality assessment tool that is integrated into an artificial intelligence-based recruitment software, providing recruiters with even greater benefits: integrated analysis and ranking of candidates.

The skeeled solution ranks candidates based on the matching of their CVs, personality test results and video interview with each job’s requirements. We offer an AI-based analysis, performed by a bias-free screening machine that doesn’t take time off and works 24/7 to allow recruiters to focus only on candidates that match the profile they are looking for and to have more time to engage with top talent throughout the selection process.

skeeled recruitment software

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