3 Reasons Why You Should Use AI to Review Applications


The reviewing of applications is one of the most critical steps of the recruitment process. On one hand, it is essential to filter candidates to stick with the most qualified ones and screen out all those who don’t match the desired profile. But on the other hand, it just takes recruiters too long to review and analyse large-volume applications which often requires them to rush the selection steps that follow.

This makes recruiters wonder how they can improve the way they review applications to be more efficient and have more time to dedicate to recruitment’s next stages. The solution may well lie in taking advantage of recruitment automation powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Recruiting is just one of the industries that are experiencing a transformation thanks to artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing. Along with the industry, the focus of a recruiter’s role is also changing. Recruiting technology has been around for quite some time helping to make recruiters jobs easier and faster. With recent AI-powered solutions in the mix, recruiting tasks can now be automated in a smart way.

How Recruiters Are Facing The Rise of AI in Recruitment

According to Linkedin’s 2018 Global Trends in Recruiting , recruiters and hiring managers, globally, say that AI is a bold disrupter and is helping them save time (67%), remove human bias (43%) and deliver the best candidate matches (31%).

Keeping in mind that screening CVs in an efficient and time-effective manner is still one of the recruitment’s biggest challenge, it’s easy to recognise how big an impact AI can have on the recruiting process. Hence, it’s no big surprise that the same report revealed that the respondents also said that AI is most helpful when sourcing (58%), screening (56%) and nurturing candidates (55%).

The truth is, AI enables us to rethink how we integrate information, analyse data, and use the resulting insights to improve decision-making all of which applies to the review of applications and candidate screening.


Candidate screening impacts a lot of aspects of the recruitment process. It can make the process longer than desired, it can compromise the quality of the selection process if recruiters feel pressured to review applications faster instead of better, and, overall, it can make it difficult to find the best match for a position due to the recruiters' lack of time and accuracy.

Here are three main reasons why you should start leveraging AI-based automation of your candidate screening process:

1. It Allows For a Faster Screening

Time is money. We’ve all heard it many times and it’s a simple truth. Every company recruiting teams need to operate within tight budgets. Notwithstanding the investment, which nowadays is not a big issue given the number and variety of solutions in the market, AI-based recruiting software only takes a few seconds to analyse large-volume applications and screen candidates according to a predefined set of criteria. Not only does it save time, but it also saves your company money and resources.

The AI-based automation of the matching process helps you develop a shorter recruitment cycle and deliver a better candidate experience, which is a major plus.

2. It Improves The Selection Process

A smart screening process is not only faster but better as well. Taking into consideration the criteria set by recruiters regarding each job opening, AI can surely select candidates more accurately and fairly than recruiters. The algorithms that sift through the many applications your company receives don’t get tired, don’t get distracted with subjective, unimportant details and they look at all the candidates with the same “set of eyes”. They're simply laser-focused on the reviewing of applications and finding the candidates that best match a job.

3. It Helps You Make Sure You Don’t Overlook Good Candidates

The end goal of recruitment is always to hire the right person for the job. Given that an AI-based screening process can be reviewed and improved over time, recruiters are ensured that their recruiting efforts can grow to be even more effective over time.

Moreover, the automation of the screening process allows them to focus on the candidates that best fit a position. By not having to go through the great number of unqualified candidates that usually apply for a company’s vacancies, recruiters face a far smaller chance of missing good candidates.

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