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Team skeeled: Meet Our Customer Success Specialist, Pénélope
Cristiana Sousa - April 17, 2019
In today’s article, I’m happy to present you a new member of skeeled’s team, our Customer Success Specialist, Pénélope Figueira. She lives in France and in her free time she likes to travel, going to the gym and hanging out with her friends. Read our article to know more about her.
Why and How to Adopt a Paperless Recruitment Process
Cristiana Sousa - April 15, 2019
If you work in an HR department, you probably often find yourself swamped in loads of paperwork. From CV’s, to cover letters and contracts, all of this can be very overwhelming when you are dealing with a great flow of candidates and can lead to a lack of efficiency in the recruitment process. Talent acquisition can be a challenge when you are managing a big candidate pool, so in today’s article, we bring you a concept that will change the way your company deals with hiring and application processes: paperless recruitment.
7 Steps to Make the Hiring Process Easier and Faster
Daniela Costa - April 10, 2019
Seeking new talent is an ever-growing challenge for companies. It’s not new that the shortage of skills in the job market increases the competition and the need to attract, engage and recruit the best candidates faster. As a CEO you are certainly aware that a more efficient hiring process that provides a better candidate experience is key to your company hold on to the best candidates and prevent the costs of bad hires.
skeeled releases employee referrals and new exclusion factors features
skeeled Releases Employee Referrals and New Exclusion Factors Features
Daniela Costa - April 8, 2019
We know how important it is for recruiters to source and engage faster with top talent. So, we keep working on skeeled to expand its capabilities and optimise your recruiting efforts. Hence, today I bring you more great news regarding our software development: we’ve released another two great new features - Employee Referrals and new Exclusion Factors.

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Case Study Nu Skin
How Nu Skin® Built a More Collaborative and Efficient Recruitment Process With skeeled
Daniela Costa - February 13, 2019
With the help of skeeled, Nu Skin® succeeded in developing a more efficient, collaborative and cost efficient recruitment process. The company was able to successfully digitalise their entire recruitment process, improve the management of all the applications and significantly increase collaboration and teamwork within the HR department while reducing recruitment costs.
Case Study LALUX
How LALUX Entered the Digital Era of Recruitment With skeeled
Daniela Costa - Pénélope Figueira - October 29, 2018
Since using the skeeled software, LALUX significantly reduced the number of paper applications and CVs sent by email, centralised all the candidates’ information in one place and increased collaboration between the different agencies. As a result, they were able to standardise the recruitment process and make better hiring decisions thanks to the personality test and pre-recorded video interview.

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