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4 Myths about One-Way Video Interviews
Cristiana Sousa - May 13, 2019
The introduction of new technologies in the recruitment processes reduces costs and time spent on small tasks but also improves the image that job seekers might have of a company, making it easier to attract and retain top talent. Paperless recruiting is becoming a trend and applicant tracking systems (ATS) are being used all over the world to help recruiters leverage their recruitment process. Among all these innovations, there is one that stands out, as it sometimes can be involved in some controversy: one-way video interviews.
How can Managers Interview Candidates More Effectively
Cristiana Sousa - May 6, 2019
As a hiring manager, you are familiar with the process of interviewing candidates. The interview is one of the several steps of a recruiting process, and probably one of the most important ones. Whether it be an introductory one-way video interview or a more detailed in-person interview, this is a crucial step when hiring a new employee, as it is the best opportunity to get to know the candidates more closely and analyse certain attributes, such as their body language, cultural fit and personality traits.
4 Advantages of Using an ATS When You are Not Hiring
Cristiana Sousa - May 1, 2019
We all know that using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) has become essential for companies when it comes to recruitment. According to a report made by Capterra recruiting software impact, 75% of recruiters and talent managers use some type of recruiting or applicant tracking software. So, there are several benefits in using an ATS to improve your recruitment process. But what if you are not looking into hiring someone in the near future? Is it worth to keep spending money on an ATS?
How can Pre-Employment Assessments Help you Make Better Hiring Decisions
Cristiana Sousa - April 29, 2019
Pre-employment assessment is still an unknown concept for many companies, as most of them are still only using interviews and CV as the only way of assessing candidates. Nevertheless, and when used correctly, these tools can be a game changer when you are confronted with the task of scrutinising loads of applications during the hiring process.

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Case Study Nu Skin
How Nu Skin® Built a More Collaborative and Efficient Recruitment Process With skeeled
Daniela Costa - February 13, 2019
With the help of skeeled, Nu Skin® succeeded in developing a more efficient, collaborative and cost efficient recruitment process. The company was able to successfully digitalise their entire recruitment process, improve the management of all the applications and significantly increase collaboration and teamwork within the HR department while reducing recruitment costs.
Case Study LALUX
How LALUX Entered the Digital Era of Recruitment With skeeled
Daniela Costa - Pénélope Figueira - October 29, 2018
Since using the skeeled software, LALUX significantly reduced the number of paper applications and CVs sent by email, centralised all the candidates’ information in one place and increased collaboration between the different agencies. As a result, they were able to standardise the recruitment process and make better hiring decisions thanks to the personality test and pre-recorded video interview.

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