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Why You Need an ATS That is AI Powered

Applicant Tracking Systems deeply transformed recruitment. However, today, recruiters need more from an ATS than just parsing and gathering resumes.

Written by Daniela Costa

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) have deeply transformed the recruitment process, symbolising a turning point in the way recruiting activities were managed.

Using an ATS helped recruiters to keep a track record of the applications and better organise the information regarding each candidate. However, we’ve come a long way since ATS were introduced to the market in the 90’s. Today, recruiters need more from an ATS than just parsing and gathering resumes.

Given the large volume of applications per job (an average of 250 according to Glassdoor), recruiters need the ATS to help them by not only automating repetitive, administrative tasks, but also by keeping candidates engaged with consistent communication flows, and by pre-screening, ranking and matching candidates to job openings.

This requires the use of digital technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to operate on a massive scale. So, recruiters need a recruitment software powered by AI to make sure the top talent doesn’t get lost on the ATS.

ATS Features Powered by Artificial Intelligence

As seen, the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to recruitment functions allows to automate some parts of the recruiting process, helping recruiters connect to top talent faster.

But more than that, a responsible use of AI can support hiring decisions and make them fairer by removing bias from the selection process. That’s possible by having AI-based features on your ATS. For instance, a matching algorithm like skeeled’s.

As our data scientist Joana Urbano explained in a previous article, we use a predictive model based on machine learning and NLP that takes as input specific data about an applicant and a job and that predicts, with the help of our own extensive knowledge base on jobs, competencies, and skills, a categorical score describing how well an applicant fits this job.

The matching algorithm is trained with real data about applicants that applied to different jobs in the past and whose fitness to these jobs were manually classified or reviewed by human resource experts. By looking at these data, the predictive model underneath the algorithm uses statistical inference to learn these experts’ decisions about the matching of applicants and jobs.

The same logic is applied to the pre-screening and ranking features that are based on algorithms that classify and categorise the applicants according to their skills and personality assessment results, giving them a qualitative classification that helps the recruiter finding the best candidates.

These algorithms are trained to make unbiased decisions in the early stages of recruiting processes, create internal talent pools for specific jobs and even helping recruiters in the creation of new job openings.


What an AI Powered ATS Does for Your Recruitment

Ultimately, these are the advantages of using an ATS with AI-based features:

1 - Improved Quality of Hire

With an AI-powered recruitment software recruiters get faster access to the best candidates for each job thanks to the algorithms that analyse all of the applicants’ data, without any biased decisions.

The algorithms that sift through the applications don’t get distracted with subjective, unimportant details and they look at all the candidates with the same “set of eyes”. They're simply laser-focused on the screening of applications and finding the candidates that best match a job.

2 - Time-Saving Automation

By automating repetitive, time-consuming tasks like CV screening, and seamlessly integrating it into a current workflow, AI helps recruiters save precious time making the recruitment process move faster.

3 - Increased Productivity Levels

Spending less time on high-volume tasks enables recruiters to increase their productivity levels and tackle more important activities, like engaging with candidates.

4 - Relevant Data Access

One of the most important benefits of AI is that it gathers all the data recruiters need, providing important insights on the candidates and previous recruitment processes. You can use this information to improve and perfect future recruitment processes.

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