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Why companies use pre-recorded video interviews

Companies that use pre-recorded video interviews deliver a more appealing recruitment process, as they let candidates present themselves beyond their CV.

Written by Daniela Costa

Companies keep competing for talent in the job market and pre-recorded video interviews may be the secret element they need to add to their strategy for attracting and hiring the best candidates.

Talent is in the centre of a company’s success, hence hiring people is the most important thing companies do. As technology develops, it impacts and changes everything around us: the way we do our work, how we communicate and, naturally, the tools we use in recruitment to attract and engage with candidates.

Successful companies are not afraid to make changes, embracing new technological solutions to level up their hiring process. Adding pre-recorded video interviews to their recruitment helps them deliver a more appealing process, as candidates are given a chance to present themselves beyond their CV. Consequently, recruiters can gather more data and make better candidate selection decisions.

Therefore, there’s a growing number of companies using video interviews in early stages of recruitment to better screen candidates before inviting them for face-to-face interviews.

To further enlighten why companies use pre-recorded video interviews in their recruitment process, next we address some of the its main benefits and how to leverage it.

Being efficient and still managing to improve the quality of hire

Even though many people may think that to be more efficient in recruitment recruiters may be required to shorten the time devoted to the assessment and selection of candidates in general, efficiency is not about that.

The key for recruiters to be more efficient is to stop wasting time right at the beginning of the recruitment process with candidates that aren’t suitable at all for a specific role. Thus, they need to use faster and more accurate methods of identifying, assessing top performing candidates to engage with them sooner.

Traditional recruitment processes lead recruiters to conduct more face-to-face interviews, after screening candidates’ CVs. That takes more of their time and, in many cases, recruiters are not even sure they’re interviewing the most talented candidates from their applicant pool.

Pre-recorded video interviews help recruiters saving time in the selection process by allowing them to screen the candidates that are the best match for a specific job and best fit the company culture with more accuracy.

As candidates are invited by email to do the one-way interview, recruiters can engage more candidates at the same time and skip phone call scheduling issues. It also helps to develop a more collaborative hiring process by involving other team members in the selection process to make fairer and more effective decisions. Another good reason to include pre-recorded video interviews in the recruitment process is the quality of hire. Avoiding bad hires is a priority for recruiters given all the negative effects it can have on the company, both financially and culturally.

So, having the ability to perform a better evaluation of the candidates early on the process, screening out those that are not suitable enough and advancing only the very best for the next stages is mandatory.

Pre-recorded video interviews allow you see who the person behind CV is and evaluate important aspects like motivation, personality and skills. With one-way video interviews recruiters can screen more candidates and they can do it better and in less time.

Reaching the best talent everywhere, anytime

Today we can say that talent search is not local. It is in fact global! Reaching out to candidates that are currently working or on holidays abroad is not farfetched. Companies aim to assemble more diverse teams and want to welcome people from all over the world.

Pre-recorded video interviews help companies to source talent world-wide, given that they don’t require that recruiters and candidates meet in an early stage of the process, breaking the common barriers of space and time and keeping candidates from different countries and time zones in the pipeline.

Turning candidates into ambassadors

The worst thing recruiters can do to their company is providing candidates with a bad applicant journey. Candidate experience impacts your employer brand and when you don’t deliver a positive journey it can undermine your ability to attract new talent for your company.

Again, pre-recorded video interviews can play a key role in your recruitment strategy by helping you to providing a winning candidate experience. It allows you to engage candidates in a modern and innovative way while letting them to express themselves beyond the CV, which they’ll love you for. Another plus for candidates is that they can do the one-way interview when and wherever they see best fit. All they need is internet connection and a device with a camera and microphone.

This not only allows you to deliver the best candidate experience but also improves your chances of attracting and hiring the best candidates.


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