Why and How to Adopt a Paperless Recruitment Process


If you work in an HR department, you probably often find yourself swamped in loads of paperwork. From CV’s, to cover letters and contracts, all of this can be very overwhelming when you are dealing with a great flow of candidates and can lead to a lack of efficiency in the recruitment process.

Talent acquisition can be a challenge when you are managing a big candidate pool, and here at skeeled, we are strong believers that a hiring process can always be improved to become more streamlined and efficient, allowing you to hire the right people faster. So in today’s article, we bring you a concept that will change the way your company deals with hiring and application processes: paperless recruitment.

What is Paperless Recruitment?

The expression “paperless recruitment” basically means digitalising the processes involved with the hiring tasks, including job postings, CV filling and even interviews. This methodology can be very beneficial not only for you as an HR manager, as you will be able to automate and expedite your work, but also for your company because it will make it stand out in a fast-paced and modernised world.

Why Should You Opt for a Paperless Recruitment Process?

1. It will help you save money

Printers and paper are viewed as small expenses and often disregarded as issues for a company’s budget. However, if you consider all the maintenance and materials this method requires, and multiply it by the number of applicants you receive throughout a year… it doesn’t seem like such a small expense after all.

With paperless recruitment, you can save all the money used in these devices and invest it in modernising your company’s hiring processes.

2. It will boost your efficiency

Recruitment processes are often time-consuming, and as an HR manager, you are probably always looking for ways to make them more agile. Top talent doesn’t stay long in the market, so it’s important that you are making the right decisions at a fast pace. Going paperless will make the task of hiring the most qualified candidates a lot easier and faster for the hiring teams, saving you precious time when choosing the right people for your company.

3. It’s good for the environment

Think of the amount of paper you use when you are printing all the paperwork related to the recruiting process and hiring of new employees. In times when environmental awareness is becoming more important each day, it’s crucial that your company starts having a green approach to your recruitment process too. By going paperless, you will not only reduce your impact on the environment but also add value to your company culture and employer branding.


How Can You Implement a Paperless Recruitment Process in Your Company?

1. Use an ATS to automatically scan through candidates

One of the best ways of going paperless is by using an Applicant Tracking System ( ATS ). An ATS can be integrated into any recruitment software and will allow you to streamline your recruitment process, making it easier for you to analyse and filter the top candidates. This type of software also makes it easier for you to track and report job seekers, making it easier for you to make the right hiring decision.


2. Use a digital device to view CV’s during interviews

It’s always good to have all the important information in front of you when interviewing a candidate. Instead of printing the candidate’s CV and taking notes on paper during the interview, use a digital device to access your recruitment software. If you use the right ATS you’ll not only be able to access the candidate’s CV, but also leave notes and comments directly on his or her profile. This will definitely make it easier for you to manage all the information you have in hands and it also facilitates collaborative hiring decision-making.

3. Implement digital signatures

Using digital signatures can seem like a very abstract concept at first, especially when you are used to the traditional signing methods. However, digital signing services are getting more secure each day and are a great way to start using less paper and saving time in your recruitment process.

skeeled recruitment software

Skeeled offers you the perfect opportunity to bring innovation and digitalisation to your hiring. Check our website or our LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages for further information.

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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