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How to Use SEO to Improve Your Job Postings

Your job postings are one of the tools you can use to attract candidates and make them apply to your company. Learn how to use SEO to get on the top of job search results.

Written by Daniela Costa

Your job postings are one of the tools you can use to attract candidates and make them apply to your company. However, writing effective job descriptions is easier said than done. Do you often wonder how to get your vacancies on the radar of more candidates, so you can attract the most qualified ones into your recruitment process?

Well, in the current labor market job searches are mainly performed online. Posting a job is like advertising a product, so you need to think about how you’ll make it to the top of the search results to get noticed by candidates. The way to do it is using SEO (search engine optimization) to improve your job postings and make them easier to search and find.

See next how to write seo-friendly job descriptions:

1. Choose the Right Keywords

Don’t list job titles that are too complex or funky like “Chief Creativity Officer”, “Marketing Evangelist” or “Happiness Consultant”, etc. These “buzzwords” are considered negative keywords and they’ll only hurt your results. Why? Have you ever searched for a job using this type of terms: “rockstar talent acquisition manager” or “recruitment ninja”? Well, neither has most of your candidates.

On the other hand, positive keywords help you reach the candidates you’re looking for. How do you define them? Make a list of all relevant keywords concerning each job you want to advertise. The best way to come up with the right keywords for a job posting is to think about the profile of the ideal candidate and what you imagine he will type on the search engine when looking for a job. Aside from the job title itself, the location of the job is another major keyword you should always include, because most people research by job title + location.

To make it more effective, check how your keywords are performing in the search rankings. You can use Google Trends for that. Then, all you need to do is to incorporate your keywords (and others related to them) on your job descriptions. This will help improving your ranking in search results.

2. Publish Your Job Postings on Relevant Job Boards

Posting your vacancies on relevant, high ranking job boards, such as Indeed, will also impact your search ranking positively. If you use a recruitment software like skeeled, you’ll be able to publish your job postings to the job boards of your choice with just a few clicks.

3. Share Your Job Postings on Your Social Channels

Having your vacancies shared by many users on social media platforms like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, etc., also increases your search rank, given that search engines take the shares into consideration for the generation of search results algorithms. To improve the SEO efforts on your social media posts you need to share the vacancy URL consistently across platforms. To increase engagement and make your post more shareable, include original and meaningful content and attractive visual elements. On top of that, note that you can target your audience and get your posts viewed and shared by a large amount of professionals and prospective candidates.

4 . Write About Your Recruitment on Your Company Blog

We know you post your jobs on your career page, and then share them on your social media accounts. But, yes, you should also make the effort to write about your recruitment process and your vacancies on your company blog. Providing your audience with useful and original content regarding recruitment, like tips on how to rock a job interview or writing a CV best practices, etc., will attract candidates that otherwise wouldn’t be aware of our company vacancies. How? If you write an interesting, SEO optimised article about a relevant topic for your candidates, you can get them to read your blog and then redirect them through a link to your company’s career page where they may get interested on your vacancies and apply.

5. Include a Career Page on Your Website

Create a great career page and make it accessible through your main menu. If you get candidates to visit your company website, it’s very important to make sure that they can easily access your career page. Moreover, this way you get another good backlink for SEO and improve your ranking.

Use these tips to improve and turn your job postings more searchable through search engine optimisation to make sure job seekers find your company vacancies!


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