How to manage spontaneous applicants

How to Manage Spontaneous Applicants


Like mentioned in our previous how-to article, spontaneous applications give applicants the chance to manifest their interest and availability to work for a company when there’s no current open position that fits their profile. And it gives companies the opportunity to get more applications and build a talent pipeline filled with interesting profiles for upcoming roles.

With skeeled, recruiters can easily create as many spontaneous applications forms as they wish and share them on social media, career pages, etc., to receive spontaneous applications in an organised and efficient way. The spontaneous application form includes a header with the company’s logo and 5 application options. Recruiters can also include a company description and use the simplified CV or the standardised CV in the spontaneous applications, depending on whether they wish to have complete candidate profiles on the skeeled software or not.

In today’s tutorial, we’ll show you how easy it is to manage spontaneous applications within the skeeled platform.

How to Manage Spontaneous Applicants

1 - To see the spontaneous applicants, go to the side menu and click on Spontaneous. You’ll then see the page “Applicants”. Inside this page, you’ll find a tab called “All” where you’ll see all the spontaneous applicants.

1 - manage spontaneous applicants all

2 - Next to that tab, you’ll find a specific tab for each spontaneous link you’ve created with the applicants that used that link to apply.

2 - manage spontaneous applicants specific link

3 - There’s also a search bar you can use to search applicants by name or filter them according to the personal status or any unseen profiles, which is quite useful when you have large-volume spontaneous applications.

3 - manage spontaneous applicants search bar

4 - Click on "Show options" to choose how you want to see the applicants: in a table view or quick preview and how many applicants you want to see per page (20, 30 or 40). The table view presents all the candidates and provides the following information: the applicants’ name, the application source, the personal status, when they applied and actions. The quick preview shows the applicants’ name and source and allows you to preview the applicants’ profiles.

4 - manage spontaneous applicants show options

5 - To view a profile, just click on the applicant’s name. Note that spontaneous applicants are not scored or ranked, given that they’re not applying for a specific job and, therefore, they’re not screened or evaluated by our algorithms. Also, these applicants have a “spontaneous" tag, so that you are always aware of how they entered your recruitment process. If you’re using the quick preview, click on “expand profile” to enter the applicant’s profile.

5 - manage spontaneous applicants profile

6 - Once inside the profile, you can perform several actions. Click on the “Actions” button on the top right corner of the screen to move the applicant to a job, add a tag, send an email, among others.

6 - manage spontaneous applicants individual actions

7 - These actions can also be performed outside the profile, in the applicants’ list, for a single applicant by clicking on the "Actions" button and choosing an action, or for multiple applicants clicking on the "Bulk actions" button, selecting the applicants and the action you want to perform.

7 - manage spontaneous applicants bulk actions

8 - If you move a spontaneous applicant to a job, you’ll see the source on the applicant’s profile (inside the job) as “Spontaneous”.

8 - manage spontaneous applicants source

Click on the image to watch the video tutorial on YouTube:

How-to Manage spontaneous applicants - video

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Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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