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9 ways skeeled’s video interview improves the recruitment process

There's many ways in which including a video interview step in your application process improves your recruitment. An efficient candidate screening is one of them.

Written by Daniela Costa

The skeeled pre-recorded video interview feature is an important add-on to your recruitment process. Having a video interview step in your application process doesn’t mean replacing the CV or even face-to-face interviews, but, instead, it’s about having another fundamental evaluation element that will help you screen candidates more efficiently in the early stages of the recruitment process.

It’s very clear that traditional screening techniques that only focus on the CV analysis can lead to poor screening results, given that you don’t have access to objective and insightful information regarding the candidates to determine who would really be a good fit for a specific role.

However, allowing your candidates to show themselves beyond their CV, through a pre-recorded video interview, gives you a unique chance to see who they really are and gather valuable, additional insights that will be very useful to the initial screening.

The skeeled solution offers you a complete profile of each applicant that includes the CV, a personality assessment report and a short video interview. By using these three evaluation elements, you can easily identify the top talent on your pipeline and only invite the best candidates to in-person interviews, which will have a big, positive impact in your overall recruitment process.

Ultimately, using skeeled’s pre-recorded video interviews reflects a modern approach to recruitment that not only saves you a precious amount of time and improves your quality of hire, but also gives your candidates the opportunity to stand out from others on the applicant pool and provides them with an exceptional candidate experience.

As we already discussed in a previous article the importance of skeeled’s personality assessment in identifying the right candidates, in today’s article I tell you why and how skeeled’s pre-recorded video interview feature can improve your recruitment process. With skeeled’s video interviews you can decide better and faster on who to move forward in the recruitment process, avoiding wasting time with candidates that don’t fit your company culture. Pre-recorded video interviews are the best way to quickly assess all potential candidates. You can leverage it to assess many things, such as communication skills or cultural fit, for example, and only invite the most suited candidates to the next steps of the process.

Moreover, the skeeled platform offers you a seamlessly integrated video tool that allows your candidates to easily record and submit videos with their answers without having to use an external software.

It’s as simple as this: the candidates receive a link to record the video interview. Once they open the link they can see the set of interview questions, so they can prepare, and once they're ready they just need to record and submit their answers. When they submits the video, they're profile will be complete. Then you can watch it, evaluate it and share it with the rest of the hiring team to decide which applicants should move on the process.

skeeled videointerview

Here are the main ways in which skeeled’s video interview improves your recruitment process:

1. Speeds up the recruitment process – you can reduce a great amount of time usually spent with scheduling and conducting phone interviews. Reviewing candidates can also be done faster as you and your team can view the interviews and rate the videos on your own time.

2. Increases productivity – given that you save time by not having to be on the phone with the candidates, you can actually screen a higher number of applicants with the same manpower.

3. Optimises hiring costs – with pre-recorded video interviews you save money by putting in place a more efficient screening process. You can screen more candidates and identify the best talent faster, which overall will help to reduce the time-to-hire.

4. Standardises the screening process – in phone interviews it’s difficult to guarantee that you and your team members will stick to the script and ask the exact same questions to each and every candidate, which makes it harder to objectively and fairly select the applicants that will move on to the next rounds. With pre-recorded video interviews the same pre-determined set of questions is presented to all candidates, allowing the standardisation of the screening process and a fairer assessment of applicants.

5. Makes it a flexible process – think about how the best candidates are many times employed when they’re applying to a new position. Now think about all the good prospective applicants that you have missed out of your recruitment process due to phone interview scheduling issues. In an early stage of recruiting it makes sense to offer applicants a more flexible option to qualify for a job. Pre-recorded video interviews don’t require that the candidates have matching availability with recruiters, they can answer the interview questions when and where it’s more convenient for them.

6. Eliminates scheduling issues - instead of struggling to fit 20 candidates in your agenda, you can interview them all at once. With pre-recorded video interviews, you can replicate the exact same interview to all of your candidates and get their answers, easier and faster.

After all, scheduling so many interviews is a tough task and may not be worth it. Save yourself precious time for engaging only top talent.

7. Allows to attract and interview remote candidates - pre-recorded video interviewing allows recruiters to extend candidate sourcing globally and interview top talent wherever it is based. This saves both the company and the candidate time and money, avoiding unnecessary travel costs. At least, in an initial recruitment stage.

8. Helps to only invite the best candidates to meet face-to-face - having constant face-to-face interviews with candidates can wear you out. Meeting unsuitable candidates, it’s time-consuming and delays your recruitment cycle. This is mostly why it is so important to improve the initial screening of candidates and only invite the most promising for in-person interviews. Having a strong and reliable initial candidate screening process speeds up the recruitment and allows recruiters to make better decisions.

9. Provides the best candidate experience - with pre-recorded video interviews you can reach even more candidates and provide them with a positive interview experience. The best candidates normally have busy schedules and are less available for face-to-face interviews. So, it’s easier for them to autonomously record the answers to a pre-set of structured questions when they have the time, without having to match their schedule to yours.

This highly improves your company’s chances of attracting the best possible talent and causes a good impression on the candidates, for they’ll value the innovation and convenience of the recruitment process. Providing a good candidate experience is key to keep the best talent interested in your job listing. In this digital era, candidates promptly share their experience on social media, whether good or bad, which directly impacts a company’s employer brand.

Skeeled offers you the perfect opportunity to bring innovation and digitalisation to your hiring. Check our website or our LinkedIn and Facebook pages for further information.

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

Your team here at skeeled

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