4 ways one-way video interviews take your recruitment to the next level_2

4 ways one-way video interviews take your recruitment to the next level


Using one-way video interviews in your recruitment process is mandatory if you want to improve your company’s chances to compete for the best talent. This new recruitment technology has many advantages and can revolutionise the way recruiters attract, screen and hire new employees.

Set to be a major recruitment trend for 2018, one-way video interviews give candidates a chance to show themselves beyond their CV and to convey their motivations in a more personal way, which can really help them to stand out from the rest of the candidates in the talent pool. On top of that, candidates can answer a set of screening questions on their own time, where they feel more comfortable and with less stress.

As for recruiters, one-way video interviews improve the initial screening allowing them to better evaluate the candidates beforehand and only invite the best talent for a face-to-face interview. As a direct result, recruiters save time and money and make more effective recruiting decisions. These are some of the reasons why the more innovative companies are leveraging one-way video interviews to enhance their hiring process. In today’s article we tell you how using video interviews will improve your recruitment.

4 ways one-way video interviews take your recruitment to the next level

Provide the best candidate experience

With one-way video interviews recruiters can reach even more candidates and provide them with a positive interview experience. The best candidates normally have busy schedules and are less available for face-to-face interviews. So, it’s easier for them to autonomously record the answers to a pre-set of structured questions when they have the time, without having to match their schedule to the recruiter’s.

This highly improves your company’s chances of attracting the best possible talent and causes a good impression on the candidates, for they’ll value the innovation and convenience of the recruitment process.

Providing a good candidate experience is key to keep the best talent interested in your job listing. In this digital era, candidates promptly share their experience on social media, whether good or bad, which directly impacts a company’s employer brand.

Eliminate scheduling issues

Instead of struggling to fit 20 candidates in your agenda, why don’t you interview them all at once? With one-way video interviews, you can replicate the exact same interview to all of your candidates and get their answers, easier and faster.

After all, scheduling so many interviews is a tough task and may not be worth it. Save yourself precious time for engaging only top talent. Using one-way video interviews, you can quickly assess more candidates and select the most promising for a final round of face-to-face interviews.

This also benefits the candidates, allowing them to manage their time and answer questions when and where they see best fit.

Easily attract and interview remote candidates

One-way video interviewing allows recruiters to extend candidate sourcing globally and interview top talent wherever it is based. This saves both the company and the candidate time and money, avoiding unnecessary travel costs. At least, in an initial recruitment stage.

Only meet the best candidates face-to-face

Having constant face-to-face interviews with candidates can wear you out. Meeting unsuitable candidates, it’s time-consuming and delays your recruitment cycle. This is mostly why it is so important to improve the initial screening of candidates and only invite the most promising for in-person interviews. Having a strong and reliable initial candidate screening process speeds up the recruitment and allows recruiters to make better decisions.

One-way video interviews are the best way to quickly assess all potential candidates. You can leverage it to assess many things, such as communication skills or cultural fit, for example, and decide who should be invited for the face-to-face interviews.


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