4 Tips to attract millennial candidates

4 Tips to Attract Millennial Candidates


Recruiting millennials presents some challenges for companies, hence there's a necessary shift that needs to be done in the way you approach and attract these candidates. After all, millennials are not something from the future. This generation comprises those born from the early 1980s to the mid-1990s to early 2000s, and they’re a growing part of today’s global workforce.

As described by the Forbes Human Resources Council, millennials have a different outlook on the job market than previous generations and they require a different approach that many recruiters may not have considered yet. They value flexible work, benefits and having time off, but they also highly value companies that are proactive about making a positive impact on society. They’re highly educated, and they’re tech-savvy. They grew up with social media and don’t communicate in traditional methods, and they don’t fear to transform the workplace.

In order to attract millennial candidates, recruiters need to understand their values and their needs and adapt the hiring process accordingly. To help you address this challenge we leave you some recommendations for you to follow.

Here are 4 tips to attract the attention of millennial candidates:

1. Create a Connection

Millennial candidates demand more than a responsibilities list from your job description. To attract their attention you must share your company’s vision and highlight how making a positive impact on society is at the center of your company culture. Displaying a diverse and inclusive workforce will also make them feel more connected to your company.

2. Highlight Your Modernity

Use a recruitment software that allows you to develop a modern, innovative and mobile-friendly hiring approach, providing an online application form, online pre-employment assessment and online video interview. Use social media channels to reach millennial job seekers and to develop a strong online presence to strengthen your employer brand.

3. Provide Growth Opportunities

Millennial candidates are eager to learn and grow. During the recruitment process they expect you to clearly state what are growth opportunities that come with the job. However, it’s of the utmost importance to be transparent and honest, so that the right expectations are set. Explain to the candidates what are the career paths that your company offers and what are the usual timings and requirements of advancement. Also, let them know about the company’s training and learning programs.

4. Offer the Right Benefits

Traditional benefits such as health insurance or yearly bonuses are not enough. Flexible working hours, remote work, comfortable and eco-friendly workplaces are some of the perks that will appeal to millennial candidates. Review your company’s policies and make sure to adapt them to these new trends.


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