Enhance Your Recruitment Process With Extra Features

Powerful Reporting and Analytics Solution To Keep Good Track of the Metrics That Matter

Measuring your recruiting activities is key to know how your recruitment process is performing and to get insightful data to help continuously assess and improve it. Hence, our user-friendly analytics dashboard is a great recruitment management feature.

Measure everything regarding job openings, from application channels to time-to-hire, among other top metrics. Assess comment and email stats to help your team improve their productivity and strengthen candidate engagement. Use our custom, interactive and real-time reports to have easy access to your numbers and deliver a first-class recruitment process.


Customise Your Reports

The most important metrics to assess your recruitment process are just a few clicks away. Set up the most important recruiting metrics for your company and get useful reports.

Power Up with Real-Time Analytics

Our analytics dashboard is user-friendly, customisable and interactive. It provides real-time reports, so you can monitor and analyse your results anytime at your own convenience.

Take Your Reports with You

Besides using the integrated analytics dashboard, you can also export the reports. Just enter your account, go to the analytics section and download your report in PDF format.

Internal and External Recruitment Options To Improve Your Recruitment Strategy

When it comes to recruiting, companies can have different needs. Staffing a whole new position, simply filling a vacancy or replacing a manager requires different recruitment strategies. With skeeled, you can use different types of recruitment for each job opening: internal recruitment, external recruitment, or both.

Internal External Recruitment

Employ Different Recruitment Strategies

Recruit internally, externally, or both ways, according to your hiring needs. Create job postings with different sharing links and CV add-ons to target, track and assess each type of candidate.

Promote Internal Mobility to Retain Top Talent

Recruiting internally allows you to retain top employees who have the knowledge, skills and experience to fit into a new role. Create an internal job board with skeeled and allow your current employees to aim higher.

Target and Attract the Best Talent Out There

Hiring externally is the best option to bring in new talent, fresh ideas and new approaches. It allows attracting candidates with new and different skill sets that can enhance your teams' performance or grow your company’s business.

Keep Track of All Your Interviews With skeeled’s Interview Scorecards

Keeping a record of your candidates’ answers during an interview is crucial for a thorough evaluation and assessment. With skeeled’s Scorecards, you can register and evaluate your candidates' answers on the software, making it easy for you to access them at any time.

Create as many Scorecards as you want, with personalized questions, and attribute them to your candidates, according to your needs. Get your hiring team more involved in the interview process by asking them to evaluate and comment on the registered answers.


Get Your Team Involved

Allow the teammates that were not present at the interview to evaluate and comment on the candidates' answers.

Standardize Interviews

Use the same Scorecards for several candidates and evaluate them using the same parameters and indicators, for a more fair decision.

Easily Compare your Candidates

The evaluations on a Scorecard are converted to numerical format, making it easy for you to compare the candidates’ performance.

Intuitive and Reliable API To Integrate skeeled Into Your Software

The skeeled API allows your software developers to perform a very specific set of functions within your account, namely retrieving and sending information from your skeeled account to other cloud-based applications/software. For instance, you can retrieve open jobs and applicants and import that information to your systems.


Work With Recruitment Agencies Within skeeled Manage Your Agency Candidates Seamlessly

With skeeled, you can keep using your recruitment agencies to help you hire. This feature allows you to easily add your recruiting agencies to your skeeled account, share specific job openings with external recruiters, and keep track of agency referred candidates. It’s a simple 3-step process:

recruitment agency

Register Agency Recruiters

Send a list of agencies and agents to skeeled.

Share Jobs

When you create a new job for which you want to receive agency sourced candidates, select the external agency you want to automatically receive an email with a link to the new opening position.

Receive Applicants

Agency recruiters can then submit their candidates directly on the platform using the job link you sent them by email. All the candidates they submit will be identified so that you can easily check which agency referred each applicant.
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