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skeeled & Intys hr - the ultimate alliance to transform your recruitment process

skeeled & Intys hr - The Ultimate Alliance to Transform Your Recruitment Process


It is with great pleasure that skeeled announces a new strategic partnership with Intys hr, an HR consulting firm. This alliance with Intys hr aims at complementing their advisory services with our technological solution to, ultimately, transform and improve their customer’s recruitment process. For skeeled, it is an important step into expanding our reach within the Belgium market and bringing our talent acquisition suite to a large number of companies.

Intys hr is an HR consulting firm in Belgium that currently has around 50 employees. The company is providing services from operational consulting (tailor made support thanks to the deployment of HR consultants) to strategic advisory support (people management, HR diagnostics, etc) and they’re planning to grow their team to around 150 employees in the near future. As for skeeled, we recently launched a brand new version of our predictive talent acquisition software. We offer a complete recruiting solution that allows companies to attract and hire top talent thanks to amazing recruitment software and recruitment marketing capabilities, powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Partnership signing Nicolas Speeckaert, skeeled’s co-founder, and Jonathan Beckers, CEO of Intys hr

Regarding this partnership with skeeled, François de Jamblinne, HR Business Development Manager at Intys hr, says that “as an HR advisory company, we must support our clients with the most innovative and appropriate solutions when it comes to bringing added value”. He adds that “at Intys hr we really believe that skeeled is definitely a company that uses the most advanced technology in terms of recruitment techniques, AI, etc, that can enable our clients to have a more efficient and innovative recruitment process”.

As for Lazlo Van Caster, Partnership Manager at skeeled, what makes this partnership with Intys hr strategic for skeeled on one hand is both their network of customers and the dimension of their consulting team as it “can really expand our reach within Belgium quite fastly and take us quite far”. On the other hand is “the change process the company is undergoing from operational HR to more strategic HR, being a very important business partner for its customers”. Lazlo points out that “that’s also the transformation we want to do with our customers moving from reactive recruitment to strategic talent acquisition”. In his opinion, the two companies are well aligned in terms of goals and vision and that's why they're "a very good fit".

Accelerating Digital Transformation in Recruitment

In a time when digital transformation is being accelerated by the global pandemic, it is pretty obvious that HR took on a crucial role in driving business under these unprecedented circumstances. As François puts it, “this crisis showed us that HR must be at the centre of the activities. We are seeing it in many companies, HR has not only been supporting services we know but has also been really driving transformation”. The way he sees it, “with all the COVID-19 policies, company reorganisation, etc., HR will remain in that central point and will be driving the business”. He adds that that is exactly what Intys hr is working towards. The company is looking to change its motto from “when HR meets business” to “when HR drives business” and that is precisely the message they want to convey to their clients, making them “aware that HR should be at the centre of everything within the company.”


At skeeled, we have developed a large experience in digitalising the recruitment process to help companies optimise their talent acquisition. With this partnership, we take one step further as Intys hr really brings added value to the service we are providing customers. As Lazlo explains, if “a customer comes to us and they really want to completely transform their recruitment process, we are able to be there from a technology point of view, with the onboarding, the support and so forth, and what Intys hr does is that they offer key services around it, such as process transformation, change management, hr diagnostics. All these services make it a complete package in order for the full transformation to be done. Ultimately, their expertise is something that is very complimentary to what we are able to offer on our end.”

François supports this idea: “we bring the expertise of our consultants but we don’t bring tools, we only provide solutions. So, our goal is to collaborate with different companies, skeeled is one of them, to propose the best solutions regarding the client’s needs and the client’s expectations. By bringing those solutions we go one step ahead regarding what our competitors are doing at the moment”.

Helping Companies Build a Future-Proof Recruitment

The aim of the partnership for both companies is to help companies building a future-proof recruitment process, by leveraging skeeled’s technology and Intys hr’s domain expertise. On their end, Intys hr helps companies drive business through consulting services around candidate experience, employee experience and alumni experience; people development and HR diagnostics. To bring added value to their offering and help them stand out from their competition, Intys hr will now be able to propose the latest recruitment technology to its customers, as skeeled will be a part of the transformational services they offer, while we will also recommend the services of Intys hr to our prospects and customers in Belgium.

Therefore, skeeled will play a key part in helping to enforce the recruitment strategy of Intys hr’s customers, by offering them a smart talent acquisition tool that enhances both the recruiter and the candidate experience while enabling a more efficient recruitment process.


Building-Up On Great Expectations

The conversations regarding the partnership between skeeled and Intys hr started at the beginning of the year. Intys hr was looking for a technological partner and found skeeled to be a perfect choice. François explains that he “saw how the company was starting to have a huge success and also interesting market visibility, but not only. And that’s the kind of company we want to partner with so that we can also increase our market visibility and employer branding. Market notoriety is one of the four pillars of our strategy, and making this type of partnership is definitely part of our strategy as well”.

As the deal was sealed by Nicolas Speeckaert, skeeled’s co-founder, and Jonathan Beckers, CEO of Intys hr, both company leaders are excited with the alliance that was forged, which offers them and their customers a win-win situation.

Regarding what can be expected of this partnership, Lazlo says that “although a lot has changed due to COVID-19 and expectations had to be adjusted, mine are still quite high such as all the stakeholders’ in this partnership. Our business plan is serious, it’s a win-win for both sides and so there is a lot of commitment and enthusiasm and excitement around this.” François agrees and adds that the companies “will need to collaborate quite closely at the beginning, meet up quite often in order to evaluate and re-evaluate expectation and to see how we can definitely build-up this partnership in the most efficient way we can.”

Predictive Talent Acquisition Software

Skeeled offers you the perfect opportunity to bring innovation and digitalisation to your hiring. Check our website or our LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages for further information.

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

Your team here at skeeled


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