To Promote Your Unique Company Brand

Awesome Career Page Design and Integration Boost Your Employer Brand and the Candidates' Experience

To attract and engage more candidates you need a fully-branded Career Page. We offer the possibility to integrate a mobile-friendly Career Page in your website, completely developed and designed by our team according to your brand image. Providing candidates with the best user experience in both the Career Page and application form is extremely important.

Most job seekers use mobile devices to search for job offers, and value flexibility in the process. With our Career Page your job listing is automatically updated, and candidates can easily apply when and where they see best fit. Consistency across platforms increases trust and strengthens your employer branding. After all, candidates may become your future ambassadors.


Boost Your Employer Brand

We design your Career Page to fit your company's image. Having a fully-branded Career Page is a great way to impress prospective candidates and improve your talent pipeline.

Attract More Candidates

The easier you make it for candidates to apply, the more they’ll finish the application process. Having a mobile and user-friendly Career Page is key to attract more and better candidates.

Improve Candidate Experience

By letting candidates apply with just a few clicks, no login required, using skeeled's easy apply options: regular or LinkedIn CV upload and finish faster (if they have applied before).
skeeled is a user-friendly digital tool that makes the entire recruitment process easy to manage. It provides a good overview of the candidates, where they are in the process and allows us to work faster through personalised emails and multiposting. In addition, it automatically creates our recruitment database.
Gilles Jonckheere - HR Manager @ TITECA

Brand skeeled to Fit Your Company’s Identity Make it Look Like It’s Your Own Software

Promote your employer brand with skeeled’s branding feature. Being a proudly white label SaaS, skeeled offers you the possibility to brand the application process according to your company's identity. Branding skeeled, turns the application process into a seamless experience, as candidates won't realise they have left your company's page to submit their application.

Software branding

Boost Your Employer Branding

Make skeeled your own with our branding feature. Provide your candidates with an application process that meets your company's image and boost your employer branding.

Enjoy Easy Customisation

Candidates that love your awesome brand image expect an application form that matches your identity. Hence, skeeled offers you a set of customisable assets, which we can adjust to make our software look like it was built by you and for you.

Enhance the Candidate Experience

Branding the application process - CV, Personality Assessment and Video Interview - makes it look like an extension of your own website. Make candidates feel safe and get more applications.
skeeled has recognised the signs of the times and provided companies with a high-performance solution.
Guy Schmit - Executive Assistant @ Voyages Emile Weber

Leverage the Power of Employee Referrals And Get Faster Access to Top Talent

Allowing your current employees to refer people for open positions is a great way of finding top talent faster. Referred candidates tend to get hired more quickly, perform better and stay longer in a position. Using employee referrals also helps recruiters by reducing their workload and saving them time.

Reach Passive Candidates

Your employees’ professional network is a great recruiting tool. Employee referrals make it easy to connect with top candidates that may not be actively seeking a job but are open to new career opportunities suggested by friends or relatives.

Make Higher Quality Hires

Who better than your current employees to identify the right fit for your team? Before making a referral, employees make their own assessment of the person’s skills and qualifications to make sure they suggest someone that’s suitable. This often leads to higher quality hires.

Improve Your Employer Brand

Allowing your employees to recommend people from their professional network strengthens the bond they have with your company. Turning your employees into brand advocates ultimately boosts your employer brand, improves your company culture and helps to attract the right talent.
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