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4 Ways Chatbots can improve Recruitment_2

4 Ways Chatbots can improve Recruitment

DANIELA COSTA - M06 21, 2018

The use of Chatbots in the recruitment industry is a reality and its benefits are undeniable. It’s a great example of how technology, specifically AI, can help you and your recruiting team to be more efficient and at the same time improve candidate experience through the personalisation and engagement that application processes lack very often.

But, what exactly is a Chatbot? Well, it’s a software program that uses Artificial Intelligence such as Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to interact with humans and answer their questions. It uses predefined rules and algorithms to find relevant answers to people's queries and can be used in various communication channels such as email, SMS, social media, messaging apps and other specific software.

Chatbots are always available to interact with applicants and can provide them with useful information regarding job applications, saving recruiters time so they can focus on the selection process.

Take a look at how Chatbots can improve recruitment:



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