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Team skeeled: Leveraging Personality Assessment for Improved Job Performance Prediction

As our company keeps growing it’s time to introduce you to another team skeeled member. Our series of in-house blog posts has already covered most of our main departments: Management, with Mike and Nicolas; Engineering, with Artur; Sales and Customer Success, with Olfa; and today we’ll open the door of our Porto office, so you can meet António Gomes, our Psychology Expert. António joined skeeled almost a year ago and plays a key role in our company, for he’s responsible for all the support regarding our personality assessment. More than ever, it’s important for recruiters to READ MORE

Team skeeled: Sales & Talent Management as number one operating priority

It’s time to resume our series of posts about skeeled’s team members and continue to lead you on a behind the scenes tour, so that you can learn more about us and the work that we do. In today’s article we present you Olfa Djemal, who we welcomed to our team as our Head of Sales in January this year. She is responsible for overseeing day-to-day sales operations, developing talent, building and maintaining strong and long-lasting relationships with clients and championing for customer success. Olfa joined skeeled because she highly valued the company’s vision of “empowering READ MORE

Team skeeled: Engineering the future of recruitment

As we continue with our series of posts about skeeled team members, we talked with Artur Teixeira, our Head of Engineering and the person responsible for delivering the highly user-friendly software that allows companies to digitalise and streamline the recruitment process while providing candidates with the best experience. He started his journey at skeeled in the end of 2015, being the only development engineer in the project, and today he is responsible for leading the engineering department, giving support to and helping the development team grow, in total alignment with the business goals. Although he now has a great amount READ MORE

Team skeeled: Meet the founders

Mike Reiffers and Nicolas Speeckaert founded skeeled to enable companies to offer the most modern and innovative hiring process to candidates as well as helping them save a considerable amount of time and benefit from a highly user-friendly software. They’ve come a long way since they started the company. With its Headquarters in Luxembourg, skeeled also has offices in Brussels and Porto, and our software is used by many amazing companies. In this first “Team skeeled” post (we are doing a series of posts about our team members so that you can get to know the people behind the READ MORE