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Team skeeled: Leveraging Personality Assessment for Improved Job Performance Prediction

As our company keeps growing it’s time to introduce you to another team skeeled member. Our series of in-house blog posts has already covered most of our main departments: Management, with Mike and Nicolas; Engineering, with Artur; Sales and Customer Success, with Olfa; and today we’ll open the door of our Porto office, so you can meet António Gomes, our Psychology Expert. António joined skeeled almost a year ago and plays a key role in our company, for he’s responsible for all the support regarding our personality assessment. More than ever, it’s important for recruiters to READ MORE

Pre-employment Assessments: Normative vs Ipsative

Pre-employment assessments are very important when it comes to identify top talent as well as to avoid the cost of potentially bad hires, helping recruiters to make better hiring decisions. As discussed previously, if well-designed and scientifically validated, tests can actually be one the most objective ways of assessing candidates and predicting job performance and company fit. Pre-employment assessments are extremely efficient as they can provide recruiters additional data about their prospect talents, in order to truly assess the candidate’s fitness for a specific job. So, it’s of the utmost importance to understand which type of pre-employment assessment READ MORE

Pre-employment tests: why Wonderlic’s PCI is the best way to assess candidates

By using a pre-employment test, recruiters can make better informed and more defensible hiring decisions. If well-designed and scientifically validated, tests can be one the most objective ways of assessing candidates and predicting job performance and company fit. We know how important it is to quickly identify top talent and avoid potentially bad hires. Having that in mind, skeeled chose to use Wonderlic’s PCI (Personality Characteristics Inventory) to provide customers with a scientifically proven personality assessment and enable an evidence-based recruitment. Wonderlic is one the leading provider of pre-employment testing and assessment and as a strategic partner helps us READ MORE

3 reasons why you should use Pre-employment Testing and Assessment in your hiring

Certainly, you've heard about Pre-employment Testing and Assessment before, but have you ever give it any thought about what these tools can really do for your recruitment process? When aiming to get the best talent, CV screening and unstructured interview results alone are not reliable enough because candidates can include misleading statements in their CVs and provide inaccurate information during face-to-face interviews while trying to impress the recruiter. In our last post we discussed the importance of conducting structured interviews to identify the best candidates and today we would like to tell you why you should also use pre-employment assessment READ MORE