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How skeeled’s Personality Assessment Helps You Hire the Right People

How many times were you unpleasantly surprised by the behaviour and/or performance of a new employee within just a few months after having him hired? We bet that in all those occasions you’ve wished you had a way of accurately predicting if that individual would perform well and fit in the company culture before deciding to hire him. Right? Unlike a CV or an interview, where the information you receive from the candidate is subjective, the personality assessment tells you how a candidate will in fact perform and behave in the workplace. But using a personality assessment goes READ MORE

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Personality Assessment in Recruitment

Having a well written CV and seeming confident in a face-to-face interview isn’t enough to get a job anymore. The high costs of bad hires and high turnover rates have made it clear for companies that they need to hire better. Finding the most suitable candidate for a specific position requires companies to innovate in the way they screen, assess and select candidates so they can drive an evidence-base recruitment. Personality is a scientifically-proven predictor of job performance and assessing a candidate’s behavioural tendencies in a work environment allows recruiters to understand if a candidate will, in fact, READ MORE

3 Things You Must Know about Personality Assessment Software

Using a personality assessment software can be a game changer when it comes to your company’s recruitment strategy. After all, what do companies look to improve in their recruitment process? Recruiters constantly search for ways to reduce the time to fill a position and minimise the cost per hire due to budget constraints. But, as Steve Jobs has said, hiring the best is the most important task. Personality assessment is a great tool that can help recruiters to achieve these major goals, by allowing them to identify early in the recruitment process who the most fitted candidates are. Next, READ MORE

The Beginner's Guide to Personality Assessment Software

Are you looking to upgrade your recruitment’s efficiency? Gut guessing is not working for your HR team anymore? Well, then you should consider including a personality assessment software in your company’s tool kit. This powerful tool totally changes the way you assess and select the candidates on your talent pool and allows you to make better hiring decisions, supported with proven science and data. And it does so because by using assessments that were designed and vetted by industry leading I/O psychologists, your company is able to both identify exceptional candidates that otherwise would go unnoticed through READ MORE