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6 Key Metrics to assess your Recruitment Funnel

Assessing the performance of your recruitment funnel is mandatory to ensure that your hiring process is running efficiently and that your company keeps attracting the best talent. The recruitment funnel encompasses all the stages, active or passive, a potential candidate goes through before getting hired. Just like what happens in sales, your company can also use a funnel to make sure they attract and hire the best talent. If well managed, the recruitment funnel will provide you with a continuous pipeline of applicants and help you find the right candidate to fill each position in your company. Recruitment marketing, which READ MORE

5 Ways People Analytics Benefit HR

Companies are increasingly adopting people analytics to - more effectively and more rapidly - identify, recruit, develop and retain the best talent. In the midst of the war on talent, HR departments are powering up and starting to apply statistics and modelling to employee-related data to identify and predict patterns that help to make better decisions and improve business performance. According to a research by Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Bersin, “people analytics, the use of employee data to help optimise business and management decisions, is strongly related to improved talent outcomes and an organisation’s profitability”. The research also states READ MORE

5 points proving the power of effective KPIs

Besides KPIs that measure productivity and the drivers behind for example employee engagement, big data can offer a spectrum of opportunities for improvements to your organisation. Analytical reports deliver an overwhelming amount of information. Although most parts of these reports are gripping, we often see that this information is not used properly in daily business processes. That’s why relevant insights are often gained by developing the right KPIs for your business. It will provide a roadmap to discover trends and will help you through the first steps on your way to success. Why KPIs matter 1. Evaluate your strategic READ MORE