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Recruitment in the Automotive Industry in Europe

The Digital Revolution is changing the automotive industry, including its recruitment needs. Read skeeled's latest Industry Report to find out the biggest struggles the industry is facing an the best strategies to overcome them.

Written by Daniela Costa

The automotive industry is a crucial part of Europe’s economic prosperity and expected to have exponential sales growth in the next few years, 80% of it outside the EU. Responsible for 4% of EU’s Gross Domestic Industry (GDI), the industry employs around 12 million people, with 3 million in the manufacturing sector, 4.3 million in sales and maintenance and 4,8 million in transports, as stated by Portugal In. Also, according to a report made by the European Skills Council, the European automotive sector is a world innovation leader, accounting for 20% of all industrial research funding in Europe.


Recruitment in the Automotive Manufacturing Sector

According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, 11.4% of all EU manufacturing jobs – some 3.5 million – are in the automotive industry, including the big brand factories and all its suppliers, from tire companies to foundries and metal parts producers. Moreover, when it comes to employment in the manufacturers' sector, Germany takes the lead as the European country that employs the most people, followed by France and Poland. Germany is also the leader with most companies in the top 4 biggest automotive companies in Europe. Volkswagen is, right now, the biggest one, with 302,554 employees.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is expected to change manufacturing and working conditions through the use of Artificial Intelligence, advanced robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT). In order to keep up with increasing consumer expectations and demands, the automotive industry’s jobs and demanded skills, both for big brands and sub-sectors, will also be affected by this revolution.

The manufacturing sector is currently facing a skills shortage, due to the digital revolution, and in great need to attract specialized talent, mainly in the new technologies field. Moreover, a reputation problem and difficulties to attract key talent are also some of the struggles that manufacturers need to face to increase their hiring success.

Recruitment in the Automotive Retailers Sector

The success of the automotive retailers’ sector relies heavily on the customer's opinion, and that’s why guaranteeing a great customer experience should be one of the main factors to take into account when hiring new employees.

Skills Automotive Retailers Should Look For in Candidates


The automotive dealerships are currently facing a talent crisis, with difficulties convincing workers in their 20s and 30s to work in the business. Many Millenials say that car dealers have an outdated approach to selling, that doesn’t go along with their values. They are also driven away by long shifts and working weekends. Employee turnover is another one of the main problems that the industry faces, with major companies showing numbers of turnover around 50% to 60% for their salespeople, and 40% to 50% to their service staff, according to Deloitte.

What’s the solution?

As you can see, the digital revolution that the automotive industry is going through is heavily influencing both the manufacturers and retailers sector. Read our Report on Recruitment in the Automotive Industry to discover the best strategies to overcome these issues and increase your recruitment success to attract and retain top talent.


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