How AI-based automation of the matching process improves recruitment

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) these days is so pervasive that we hardly notice that we are using it in our daily life: from web language translators, photo apps that recognise faces and email spam filtering to virtual assistants, web product recommendation, and even self-driving cars. All of these applications learn the desired functionalities (e.g., how to classify an email as either valid or spam; how to recognise a stop traffic sign in self driving cars) from past examples that were manually classified by humans, and, therefore, they are categorised under a specific branch of AI: machine learning. READ MORE

How Pre-Recorded Video Interviews Improve Candidate Screening

Did you know that pre-recorded video interviews enable recruiters to screen candidates more efficiently and make better hire decisions? The job market hit a very demanding point where recruiters have to compete with each other for top talent, providing the best candidate experience and promoting a fair and defensible hiring process to consolidate their employer brand. On top of that, they are expected to act fast and to be able to fill the open positions with the right candidates very quickly. According to a 2017 LinkedIn study 50 percent of companies take between one and two months to fill an READ MORE

6 Key Metrics to assess your Recruitment Funnel

Assessing the performance of your recruitment funnel is mandatory to ensure that your hiring process is running efficiently and that your company keeps attracting the best talent. The recruitment funnel encompasses all the stages, active or passive, a potential candidate goes through before getting hired. Just like what happens in sales, your company can also use a funnel to make sure they attract and hire the best talent. If well managed, the recruitment funnel will provide you with a continuous pipeline of applicants and help you find the right candidate to fill each position in your company. Recruitment marketing, which READ MORE

4 Ways Chatbots can improve Recruitment

The use of Chatbots in the recruitment industry is a reality and its benefits are undeniable. It’s a great example of how technology, specifically AI, can help you and your recruiting team to be more efficient and at the same time improve candidate experience through the personalisation and engagement that application processes lack very often. But, what exactly is a Chatbot? Well, it’s a software program that uses Artificial Intelligence such as Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to interact with humans and answer their questions. It uses predefined rules and algorithms to find relevant answers to people's READ MORE

Pre-employment tests: why Wonderlic’s PCI is the best way to assess candidates

By using a pre-employment test, recruiters can make better informed and more defensible hiring decisions. If well-designed and scientifically validated, tests can be one the most objective ways of assessing candidates and predicting job performance and company fit. We know how important it is to quickly identify top talent and avoid potentially bad hires. Having that in mind, skeeled chose to use Wonderlic’s PCI (Personality Characteristics Inventory) to provide customers with a scientifically proven personality assessment and enable an evidence-based recruitment. Wonderlic is one the leading provider of pre-employment testing and assessment and as a strategic partner helps us READ MORE