Introducing: skeeled's new applicant side design_3

Introducing: skeeled's new applicant side design


For the past 5 months, our designer and developers have been working on a new design for the applicant side of the skeeled platform. Now the day has finally come where we can proudly present you the finished project. But first, let us give you some background on the changes that will happen, and why we decided to do it.

One goal was to increase engagement on our platform and reduce the candidate dropout rate. To achieve this goal, we had to get to know our users better. Since we have a very diverse group of users, with varying technical know-how and from different age groups, this was the first challenge. Our designer Michael's foremost concern was to have skeeled's users at the center during every aspect of the design process. With this in mind, he created an incredible new interface that fits to every kind of user. As he puts it, "the best interface is the one you don't notice you are using". With the interface, we expect even more candidates to complete the whole application process than before, making our tool even more powerful.

The approach Michael took to the user interface is "rather minimalistic in order to avoid clutter and any kind of misleading or confusion", making our product easier to interpret, easier to customise for employer branding purposes and increasing scalability. The size of the pages have also been adjusted to give candidates the best possible experience while applying.


The whole application process is now as self-explanatory as it can get, further "reducing friction with the user's engagement". The goal was that users are at all times aware of what they are doing and that the whole process is logically streamlined. In every step of the process, the user is given relevant information on how to proceed and on how to complete the demanded tasks. The are also continually reminded that every action they take, can be reviewed at a later stage of the process, taking them the fear to do something wrong.

No matter how straightforward the whole process is, we know that there will always be people that struggle with technology. Michael explains that "we put great effort in the structuring and hierarchy of the information to provide an easy and consistent usage across the different parts of the application".

We also wanted to simplify the way how candidates can get help if needed. The new FAQs were "designed to be as clutter free as possible". We are now able to identify which browser the candidate is using for the application process, meaning we can give them personalised help instantly. To further improve our platform, Michael tells us that "several analysis tools are being implemented in order to track the user's activity during the application process". This allows our R&D team to see where applicants are having difficulties while applying and showing them which areas of the platform can still be improved.

To further facilitate the first steps of the application process, we also implemented a new LinkedIn resume parser. With this new parser, we are now able to collect around 80% of candidate's information of their LinkedIn profiles.


Skeeled offers you the perfect opportunity to bring innovation and digitalisation to your hiring. Check our website or our LinkedIn and Facebook pages for further information.

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

Your team here at skeeled


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