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How to Recruit Faster Without any External Help

Developing and managing a great recruiting process requires a strong strategy. Learn how to run a successful recruitment process without resorting to any external help.

Written by Daniela Costa

For some companies, the recruitment process can be a very long, expensive and painful task. Lacking the right procedures and tools, many HR Directors see resorting to recruiting agencies as their only option.

However, oftentimes, instead of helping a company recruit faster, these agencies take even longer to fill a position given that they’re working for multiple clients at the same time.

But it doesn’t need to be that way. With the right approach and the right tools, you can build a successful recruitment process. Besides recruiting faster, you can cut in agency spend and allocate your budget to more valuable recruiting activities.

Developing and managing a great recruiting process requires a strong strategy. To take out the competition you need to attract, engage and recruit the best candidates faster.

Here’s how to do it without any external help:

1. Streamline Your Recruitment Process

Disorganised workflows and the use of multiple software and tools make it harder for recruitment teams to know where they're standing at each stage of the recruitment cycle and makes them waste precious time.

Therefore, start by implementing a recruiting software that allows to manage all the steps of your recruitment process. Choose one single platform to post job offers, receive and screen applications, assess candidates, send personalised email communications, rank and comment on each candidate’s profile and make collaborative hiring decisions.

2. Create Attractive Job Postings

Make sure your job descriptions are both accurate and attractive. The best way to keep good candidates around is to deliver on their expectations and start with an honest job offer. Check here how to write job descriptions on point. Also, make sure your team is advertising your vacancies on the most suited job boards.

3. Improve Candidate Sourcing

Job boards and your career page are not enough. Your recruiting team needs to leverage the power of social recruiting. Social media channels are great to source and engage with top talent. This is an easy strategy to implement and there are a lot of benefits in using it. Check here why and how to use social recruiting to attract the best talent to your company.

4. Create an Employee Referral Program

Leverage your employees’ professional network by allowing referrals. Allowing your employees to refer someone they know can be a guarantee that you are attracting the right talent to your company, as they are being referred by someone of your trust. This a very cost-effective way of engaging with top passive candidates. Furthermore, referred candidates are usually more aware of a company's culture and goals, which increases the chances of them being a good fit.


5. Adopt a Data-Driven Recruitment

Data-driven recruitment is all about digitally analysing applicants data and using it to improve the recruitment process. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are usually a great way to gather relevant data for future use, as they can provide KPI's like the number of candidates per job, biggest candidate sources, the time to fill a position, among others. Using this information to improve the recruitment process allows to increase the success rate in your hiring and avoid the costs of bad hires.

6. Allow Candidates to Apply Easily

Offer candidates an optimised, mobile-friendly application process that allows them to apply faster. Candidates aren’t willing to participate in long and exhausting application processes. When it comes to the application forms, they expect you to allow them to fill it out on their mobile phones. And they’re counting on you to parse their resumes and limit the remaining fields to relevant, application related information that is not on their CVs.

7. Leverage AI-Powered Candidate Screening

Candidate screening is one of the most important steps in the hiring process. It allows recruiters to dismiss candidates that are unsuitable for a position and to focus on those that best match the requirements.

The right recruitment software can provide you an AI-based automation of the matching of candidates to the job requirements set by your recruiting team. This feature speeds up your recruiting process without compromising the screening quality.

8. Keep Candidates Engaged

Keeping candidates engaged throughout the hiring process is vital to your hiring process efficiency. Candidates that don’t hear from you, simply walk away.

Plan your recruitment’s process touch points and leverage recruitment software tools like email automation to make sure you keep candidates in the loop regarding where they stand in the process and provide them a winning candidate experience.

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