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Create a great candidate experience and digitalise your recruitment process with an all-in-one hiring software. Our innovative technology includes features that automate the first steps of the recruitment process and save recruiters a large amount of time, while facilitating collaborative hiring.

Leverage the integrated personality assessment and structured video interview that comes with our recruitment automation software to identify the best candidates in your talent pipeline and make good hiring decisions.

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Automated Applicant Tracking System Store and Manage Applications in One Single Platform

  • Automated CV Screening - powerful algorithms that rank and categorise candidates based on job requirements and qualification indicators.
  • Standardised CV – each candidate's data located in their resume is organised and structured, so that you can quickly review and compare profiles.
  • Deep Candidate Profile - our candidate profiles include the standardized CV, the personality report and the video interview of each candidate.
  • Powerful Searching & Filtering - centralised CV database to easily filter and find candidates. Search based on location, language, etc., or filter candidates by the custom tags you added to the profiles.

Video Interview Tool See the Candidates Before Deciding to Meet Them In-Person

You’ll learn much more about your candidates if you give them the chance to fully express themselves by letting them answer a few questions in video interviews. Our employment screening software includes pre-recorded video interviews to help you to identify in an early stage who the best candidates are.

Use a pre-defined set of questions to obtain structured and comparable interviews and get a holistic view of candidates. Then, just screen out the candidates that don’t match the job requirements and invite the most suitable for face-to-face interviews.


Personality Test Software Know Your Candidate’s Core Personality Traits and Cultural Fit

Find the right candidate for a specific job by matching personality and job requirements. With our recruitment process software, you can leverage the use of a scientifically proven personality assessment, based on the Big 5 Model (Wonderlic’s PCI).

The results show each candidate’s core personality traits and whether he or she would be a good fit for your team, enabling an evidence-based recruitment. Wonderlic is one of the leading provider of pre-employment testing and assessment and as a strategic partner helps us to provide our customers with valuable data-driven insights so they can hire better and faster.

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skeeled releases new branding and internal recruitment features
skeeled Releases New Branding and Internal Recruitment Features
Daniela Costa - March 26, 2019
What we love about our recruitment software is that it never stops evolving. Among the many projects we have in hand, we’ve finished developing two exciting, new features to help you further improve your recruitment process. Now the application process can be fully branded to fit your company’s identity and you can choose to post internal and/or external job offers.
Why the personality test helps you hire the best people and how to use it
Why the Personality Test Helps You Hire the Best People and How to Use it
Daniela Costa - March 21, 2019
Hiring the best people is any recruiter's main goal. However, that is getting more challenging than ever. Today, thanks to the huge amount of information available online, candidates are able to find ways of making their CVs look good and prepare themselves better for interviews. Notwithstanding, recruiters can also use new ways and tools for candidate assessment, such as the personality test.
Why you should assess the time your company takes to fill a position
Why You Should Assess the Time Your Company Takes to Fill a Position
Daniela Costa - March 19, 2019
As a Head of Recruitment, you need to keep an eye on recruitment metrics to assess your hiring process performance and ensure its efficiency. Attracting the best candidates is a top priority for competitive companies and you sure don’t want your organisation to fall short when it comes to talent acquisition. Assessing the time to fill a position allows you to understand whether your recruitment process is taking too long and if it needs to be improved.
7 reasons why recruiters love using the ATS
7 Reasons Why Recruiters Love Using the ATS
Daniela Costa - March 14, 2019
An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a powerful recruitment tool. There are many recruiters that are aware of that and appreciate what the right ATS can do for them. But there are also still some who think that this kind of tool is only meant to be used in big corporations with dozens of open positions. However, this is a suitable tool for any recruiting team (big or small) that can save recruiters time and money and, more importantly, help them find and hire the right candidates.

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We're committed to backing our customers when they need us. Wherever you are in Europe, our local recruitment experts provide you with support and digital recruitment expertise. Our knowledge is your knowledge.

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We provide reliable and scalable storage solutions that adapt to your needs. You can choose where to store your data and we keep backups of your work in multiple data centres. Integrate skeeled into your current Applicant Tracking System (ATS) using our API.

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Hosted in multiple, redundant data centres, skeeled is up and running 99.99% of the time. You'll always have access to your data and we'll seamlessly upgrade your software with no interruptions.

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