Revolutionising Your Talent Acquisition With an AI-Powered Software That Makes Hiring Easy

The skeeled software is a comprehensive talent acquisition suite that powers your recruitment process whether you're a small company or a big corporation.

Our Talent Acquisition Suite's leading capabilities:

  • Recruitment Marketing, to promote your employer brand and to attract the best talent to your company
  • Recruitment Software, to optimise the application process and offer your candidates a great candidate experience
  • AI-powered tools, to help recruiters have time to focus on what matters most: engaging with top talent.
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Recruitment Marketing Stay Competitive and Attract Top-tier Talent

Recruitment marketing is the earliest stage of the talent acquisition funnel. It consists of attracting and nurturing talented people and drive them to apply to the open positions your company has available.

With skeeled, you can develop a marketing approach to your recruitment. Promote the value of working for your company using our Career Page, Software Branding and Employee Referral features. Leverage our sourcing and multiposting features to find the skills you need faster, build a great candidate pipeline and extend your job openings reach.

Using skeeled saves us considerable time in our recruitment process. It offers us simplified management of applications while guaranteeing enhanced protection of the personal data of candidates in accordance with the GDPR.
Marine Ries - Recruitment and Communication Officer @ Costantini

Recruitment Software Automate and Optimise the Recruitment Process

An all-in-one hiring software with everything you need to digitalise and streamline your recruitment process. Our innovative technology includes features that automate the first steps of the recruitment process and offers an integrated personality assessment and structured video interviews that help identifying the best candidates in your talent pipeline and make good hiring decisions.

Our software also allows building custom flows for a more efficient recruitment process. Our AI-powered matching and ranking feature makes it easy to spot the best talent early on.

skeeled has recognised the signs of the times and provided companies with a high-performance solution.
Guy Schmit - Executive Assistant @ Voyages Emile Weber

AI-Powered Recruitment Stay Competitive and Attract Top-tier Talent

Artificial Intelligence is here to set the recruitment bar high and skeeled has been a pioneer in applying it in different parts of the recruitment process to support the recruiters' work and improve their productivity.

We leverage the power of machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to automate time-consuming tasks and provide smart recruiting tools that help to improve the quality of hire.

All our AI-powered features are developed in accordance with our Responsible AI program to ensure that AI-based solutions are fair, unbiased, transparent, secure, and private.

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Security Regulations

We are GDPR compliant and we maintain high security standards to ensure your information stays safe. Our data centres, databases and directories are secure. We encrypt all your data and protect it using multiple firewalls. We update our service to comply with legal and technical changes.

Dedicated Support

We're committed to backing our customers when they need us. Wherever you are in Europe, our local recruitment experts provide you with support and digital recruitment expertise. Our knowledge is your knowledge.

Flexible Storage

We provide reliable and scalable storage solutions that adapt to your needs. You can choose where to store your data and we keep backups of your work in multiple data centres. Integrate skeeled into your current Applicant Tracking System (ATS) using our API.

Guaranteed Uptime

Hosted in multiple, redundant data centres, skeeled is up and running 99.99% of the time. You'll always have access to your data and we'll seamlessly upgrade your software with no interruptions.
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