A Matter of Metrics - Measuring Recruitment Success

Measuring recruitment KPIs is vital to understanding which talent acquisition strategies are succeeding and which need adjusting.

10/10/2019 • 14:00 - 15:00 CET

About the webinar

How do you know what’s working if you don’t measure it?


Measuring recruitment KPIs is vital to understanding which talent acquisition strategies are succeeding and which need adjusting. Are you looking for key recruiting metrics and ways to improve your data-driven hiring, optimize your recruiting process, and win the best talent?


Put your internal metrics to the test as we will take you on a comprehensive step-by-step and easy to comprehend journey through the data-driven recruitment landscape while focusing on:


  • The importance of setting KPIs for your recruitment performance
  • The 5 recruitment metrics every organisation should use
  • Vanity metrics
  • How an applicant tracking system can help you in tracking metrics
  • Gathering all the data you need with consideration of GDPR restrictions

Naturally, at the end of the webinar you’ll get a chance to ask your most pressing questions. All in all, a webinar for every recruiter who wants to be or stay on top of the latest recruitment trends, but isn’t an expert in data-driven recruitment data yet.

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The speakers

Pénélope Figueira

Consultant @ skeeled

Pénélope is a consultant at skeeled. Her main role is to drive product adoption by ensuring clients continue to get the most out of skeeled to reach their hiring goals. Besides the implementation, she is responsible for training and advisory sessions. She is the main point of contact of all the clients based in Luxembourg and International Countries, giving her insights on some of the biggest challenges faced by HR teams in terms of recruitment strategies and employer branding.

Artur Teixeira

Head of R&D at skeeled

Nicolas Speeckaert

Co-founder at skeeled

Nicolas’ passion for entrepreneurship came at a very early age, always dreaming about the possibilities to facilitate people lives’ and filling unmet needs that would considerably impact the life of people. His enthusiasm towards skeeled is enormous and thus the reason why he greatly emphasizes on the long term vision and mission of the company, knowing what skeeled is and can still bring to job seekers, recruiters and many more people across the world. He oversees global operations, finances, technical and strategic partnerships and HR.