How to Boost Your Employer Branding Strategy?

A strong Employer Branding is vital. Companies need to share their vision with potential candidates. We will share some tips on how to boost it!

31/01/2019 • 15:00 - 16:00 CET

About the webinar

Companies spend hours defining the best business model to attract and retain clients but it's nothing without the right talent to execute on the strategy.


A strong Employer Branding is the foundation companies need to share their vision with potential candidates and during this webinar, we will share our observations and tips on how to boost it!

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The speakers

Francis Mukwayanzo

Account Executive NL/BE at skeeled

Nicolas Speeckaert

Co-founder at skeeled

Nicolas’ passion for entrepreneurship came at a very early age, always dreaming about the possibilities to facilitate people lives’ and filling unmet needs that would considerably impact the life of people. His enthusiasm towards skeeled is enormous and thus the reason why he greatly emphasizes on the long term vision and mission of the company, knowing what skeeled is and can still bring to job seekers, recruiters and many more people across the world. He oversees global operations, finances, technical and strategic partnerships and HR.