7 Of The Biggest Recruitment Challenges And How To Overcome Them

With 2020 around the corner, you’re likely in the process of assessing your hiring practices – what’s working and what’s not, and what improvements need to be made, for continued success in the new year.

19/12/2019 • 14:00 - 15:00 CET

About the webinar

Are you prepared to tackle the challenges of the past year? Do you have the systems, processes and planning in place to start your Talent Acquisition off strong in the new year?


Join our webinar where we will take a look back on the key pressures of 2019 and
receive insights and practical tips to overcome your biggest recruitment challenges and hit your hiring goals in 2020.


During this interactive webinar, you will learn among others:

  1. How to attract and engage top talent
  2. How to provide a memorable candidate experience
  3. How to boost your employer brand
  4. How to hire fairly and effectively
  5. How to speed up your hiring without compromising on recruitment “quality”

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The speakers

Josephine Schönberger

Marketing Project Manager at skeeled

Josephine is a Marketing Specialist at skeeled. Next to her background in the tourism and hospitality industry she has broad experience in the field of Digital Marketing. Passionate about building brands, innovative solutions and creative communications, she joined skeeled to support the company's growth and expansion. In her position, she is responsible for various projects from outbound and inbound marketing activities, the execution of events, sales enablement and managing relationships with stakeholders.

Nicolas Speeckaert

Co-founder at skeeled

Nicolas’ passion for entrepreneurship came at a very early age, always dreaming about the possibilities to facilitate people lives’ and filling unmet needs that would considerably impact the life of people. His enthusiasm towards skeeled is enormous and thus the reason why he greatly emphasizes on the long term vision and mission of the company, knowing what skeeled is and can still bring to job seekers, recruiters and many more people across the world. He oversees global operations, finances, technical and strategic partnerships and HR.