Create a Great Experience While Screening Candidates Better and Faster

Use Pre-Recorded Video Interviews in Your Recruitment To Hire the Right People for Your Company

Allow your candidates to express themselves beyond their CV and pre-screen them more efficiently. With pre-recorded video interviews you have the possibility to see candidates before inviting them to a face-to-face interview and avoid losing time with applicants, who you know after 5 minutes that they are not a good fit for your company.

You have full freedom on what to ask. Test candidates' basic knowledge and observe beforehand how they present themselves to assess if they fit your expectations. Getting a holistic view of candidates will allow you to decide better who you should move forward.

Gain Deeper Candidate Insight

Define 1 to 5 questions and the answer time. Test candidates' knowledge and motivations to get more complete insights.

Let Candidates Shine

With one-way video interview candidates can see the questions beforehand, prepare their answers and choose the best out of 3 attempts.

Have Less Face-to-Face Interviews

Invite only the most suitable candidates to a face-to-face interview and improve the time to fill your positions.

Efficient Interview Evaluation Leverage Structured Interviews to Better Screen Candidates

One-way video interviewing provides recruiters with the ability to review and compare candidates’ answers to a structured and standardised set of questions. Recruiters can screen more applicants and review the candidates' answers as many times as needed.

Our video interview software allows each recruiter to comment and rate all candidates’ answers and make side-by-side comparisons for a fairer selection, based on the potential demonstrated.
The pre-recorded video interview tool also allows recruiters to share their opinion and evaluation of the candidates with the team, so they can decide together which are the most promising.

Quickly Review and Compare More Candidates

Pre-recorded interviews don’t require recruiters’ presence when candidates answer their questions. This makes more time available to review even more candidates.

Make Evidence-based Selection of Candidates

Provide candidates with the same set of structured and standardised questions. Compare the answers to make a fairer selection, based on the potential demonstrated.

Level Up the Quality of Face-to-Face Interviews

Use pre-recorded video interviews to identify top talent early on and to make sure you'll only advance the best candidates in your talent pool.
Through the video interviews, we learned to know charismatic candidates adding value to their CV and this helps us to hire international profiles from all over the world, and that is very in line with the University's international and inclusive mindset.
Mayke Pothof - Sr. HR Consultant @ Maastricht University

Improve the Collaboration in Your HR Team Work Together to Get the Best Talent for Your Company

Good communication between team members can be difficult and when it fails, it can hold back the whole recruitment process or drive bad hiring decisions. With skeeled it has never been easier to have good team collaboration. Our features allow you to easily share the pre-recorded interviews with your hiring managers and exchange your thoughts and evaluation, so you can all reach an agreement on which are the best candidates.

Deciding which candidates will advance in the recruitment process based on multiple recruiter’s opinions enables better candidate selection. Pre-recorded video interviews makes it easy and effective to avoid surprises during face-to-face interviews.

Improve Communication Between Recruiters

Our video interview tool allows to easily review and share comments on each candidate’s answers directly on the profiles, saving time and reducing the amount of internal emails.

Select the Best Candidates, Together

After viewing the candidates' answers, recruiters can immediately leave comments on their profiles and share thoughts with the team. Decide together which candidates fit the best!

Promote a Flexible Workflow

Once a video interview is submitted, it remains available 24x7 and can be watched in any device when and where each recruiter sees best fit.

Provide an Amazing Candidate Experience And Engage More Candidates with Your Recruitment Process

With one-way video interviews you can reach even more candidates and provide them with the most positive interview experience. Top candidates normally have busy schedules and are less available for phone screening interviews. So, it’s easier for them to simply record their answers to your questions when they have the time.

Given that today candidates promptly share their experience on social media, providing an excellent candidate experience is key to strengthen your employer brand and keep the best talent interested in your job listing.


Offer a Modern Recruitment Approach

Make a positive impact on your candidates by presenting a modern recruitment process. Having a video interview step will make them feel they have more opportunity to showcase their skills and reinforce their application.

Eliminate Space and Time Barriers

Allow candidates to answer your questions anywhere and whenever they see best fit. This flexibility will help you to keep more applicants in your pipeline. Your candidates may be travelling, working, etc., and still manage to do the interview given that all they'll need is a device and internet connection.

Turn Candidates into Ambassadors

Pre-recorded video interviews can play a key role in your recruitment strategy and strengthen your employer brand by helping you to provide a winning candidate experience. Candidates will reward you for providing an innovative, flexible and fun recruitment process!
We have applicants from all over the world. With the help of skeeled, especially due to the video function, it is easier for us to get a better impression of the candidates.
Britta Deitenbach - Head of HR & Quality Management @ LUNEX University

Applicant Tracking System

Digitalise and automate the first steps of your recruitment process with an Artificial Intelligence-based Applicant Tracking System that saves your time and improves the quality of hire.

Personality Test

Find the right candidate with a scientifically proven personality test that assesses each candidate’s core personality traits and whether he or she would be a good fit for your team.
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