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Amazing Talent Sourcing Tool To Find the Skills you Need Faster

Sourcing talent is an essential part of the recruitment process. Many top skilled candidates are not actively seeking a new job but they’re interested in new opportunities. With our talent sourcing plugin, you can search passive candidates in Linkedin with job-related keywords.

amazing talent sourcing

Run Quick LinkedIn Searches

Our talent sourcing plugin is compatible with your Google Chrome browser. Just type your job-related keywords to quickly find and engage qualified professionals that might be a perfect fit for your open positions.

Source Candidates in Bulk

Our talent sourcing tool also allows you to easily import CVs in bulk to your skeeled account with the help of our CV parser. Then, you can move candidates to jobs or keep them in your talent pool, according to your needs.

Comply with GDPR

To stay GDPR compliant, skeeled will automatically notify sourced candidates that their profile was uploaded to the platform for recruiting purposes.
skeeled is a modern and efficient recruitment tool which gives small companies like us the chance to focus on our priorities while automating the whole recruitment process. The software support is fast, personal and very thorough.
Arthus de Bousies - Managing Director @ Natura

Smart Talent Pool To Build a Great Candidate Pipeline

Every time you open a new position you put in motion a lot of effort to find, attract, screen and assess candidates. However, skeeled allows you to save time and money in the process by searching talent in the database of applicants already in the platform. It’s a real-time solution that enables you to perform proactive recruiting, engage with and nurture suitable candidates that you’ve previously qualified.

Smart talent search
skeeled is a user-friendly digital tool that makes the entire recruitment process easy to manage. It provides a good overview of the candidates, where they are in the process and allows us to work faster through personalised emails and multiposting. In addition, it automatically creates our recruitment database.
Gilles Jonckheere - HR Manager @ TITECA

Powerful Job Distribution Solution To Extend Your Job Openings Reach

We partnered with VONQ to make your life easier and help you enhance your job distribution with powerful campaigns. Post your job openings to a combination of media channels that include not only job boards, but also online hubs & communities, social networks and more, with just a few clicks.

multiposting talent sourcing

Wide Media Channels List

Get instant access to all the channels you need to find and attract more, high-quality candidates, from generic and niche job boards, aggregators, online hubs & communities to social networks.

Pre-Contracted and Ready to Use

To use our job distribution feature you don’t need to go to the multiple third-party websites to buy credits. All the media channels are pre-contracted and ready for you to select. The price of each channel will be shown to you and if you proceed with a campaign, skeeled will bill you afterwards.

Job Campaigns Manager

Create powerful job campaigns with cross postings in just a few steps and manage them easily within the skeeled platform for more effective job distribution.
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