Diversity & inclusion

Decrease bias and build innovative teams.


More ethnically and culturally diverse companies outperform by 36% in profitability

skeeled helps you build a diverse and inclusive workforce to foster innovation, grow your business and attract top talent.


AI matching & ranking

Build a more diversified talent pool

Our AI-powered candidate matching & ranking tool sifts through all applications and sorts candidates that fit the job requirements, regardless of their background, age, gender and other demographic information.


Pre-employment tests

Create a data-driven process

Mitigate unconscious bias in the selection process by making decisions based on scientifically validated data. Assess your candidates' behavioural tendencies - such as cognitive ability, personality, and motivation - which are proven performance predictors to identify top performers.


Interview scorecards

Conduct structured interviews

Standardise the evaluation process by asking candidates the same questions and rating them with a specific scoring system. Structured interviews offer twice the predictive validity of traditional interview methods leading to better hiring decisions and providing a fair chance to all candidates.

Thanks to skeeled and the Video Interviews we now hire highly qualified candidates that we would have never considered before by just evaluating CVs in the first round. With the tool, especially through the video interviews we learned to know charismatic candidates adding value to their CV and this helps to hire international profiles from countries all around, and that is very in line with the University's international and inclusive mindset.

Mayke Pothof

Sr. HR consultant at Maastricht University


One-way video interviews

See the person behind the CV

Give candidates the chance to showcase their skills in a new and engaging way with one-way video interviews - which can be recorded where and when it best fits them. Get important qualitative data and decide better who to move forward with.


Team collaboration

Collaborate with your team to make better decisions

Keep your team engaged and make better and more diverse decisions through collaborative hiring. Comment, rate, tag and share candidate profiles, and use the @mention to get real-time feedback from team members.


Blind hiring (coming soon)

Stop overlooking candidates with great potential

Don't let bias take top talent away from you. Remove demographic information from CVs and anonymise applications to judge candidates based on skills. Removing characteristics that are not job-related allows increasing diversity and making better hires.

That's not all!

We offer more ways of improving your hiring

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