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The Ultimate Recruitment Software for a Unique Hiring Process

Create a great candidate experience and digitalise your recruitment process with an all-in-one hiring software. Our innovative technology includes features that automate the first steps of the recruitment process and save recruiters a large amount of time, while facilitating collaborative hiring.

Leverage the integrated personality assessment and structured video interview that comes with our recruitment automation software to identify the best candidates in your talent pipeline and make good hiring decisions.

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Automated Applicant Tracking System Store and Manage Applications in One Single Platform

  • Automated CV Screening - powerful algorithms that rank and categorise candidates based on job requirements and qualification indicators.
  • Standardised CV – each candidate's data located in their resume is organised and structured, so that you can quickly review and compare profiles.
  • Deep Candidate Profile - our candidate profiles include the standardized CV, the personality report and the video interview of each candidate.
  • Powerful Searching & Filtering - centralised CV database to easily filter and find candidates. Search based on location, language, etc., or filter candidates by the custom tags you added to the profiles.

Video Interview Tool See the Candidates Before Deciding to Meet Them In-Person

You’ll learn much more about your candidates if you give them the chance to fully express themselves by letting them answer a few questions in video interviews. Our employment screening software includes pre-recorded video interviews to help you to identify in an early stage who the best candidates are.

Use a pre-defined set of questions to obtain structured and comparable interviews and get a holistic view of candidates. Then, just screen out the candidates that don’t match the job requirements and invite the most suitable for face-to-face interviews.


Predict Candidates' Ability to Succeed and Thrive in a Role To Hire The Right People for the Job

There’s more to a candidate than education and experience. Hard skills and past experiences are getting less relevant every day. In today’s world, soft skills and personality are what makes people thrive in a role. Hence, skeeled partnered with AssessFirst to offer a natively integrated bundle of pre-employment assessments to help recruiters and hiring managers to know their candidates beyond their CV: their personality, what motivates them and their level of mental agility.

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Determine the Ideal Profile for a Role

Recruiters can choose an existent predictive model from a list with more than 400 options or create a custom one. All it takes is a few answers to describe the role they're hiring for. Assessfirst's algorithm then analyses the answers and matches them with over 5 million profiles and recommends the best fitting ones.

Easily Assess Candidates Online

Recruiters can include the pre-employment assessments in the initial application process or at a later stage as an additional step. Candidates receive an email with a link to complete the assessments and when they finish recruiters can see the candidates’ evaluation on their profile.

Choose the Right People, Every Time

Candidates are ranked in terms of ability to succeed and to thrive in the position, as well as by their affinity with their future manager. The assessment report also provide an explanation of the candidates’ strengths and areas for improvement so that recruiters can make the best hiring decisions.

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