Learn How Candidates Think and Make Decisions

Assess Your Candidates’ Cognitive Capabilities To Know Their Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Skills

The BRAIN assessment allows recruiters to obtain precise, decontextualized and intersectional indicators of an individual’s reasoning capabilities. This assessment accounts for a candidate’s reasoning and learning capabilities and helps recruiters to learn how candidates think and make decisions.

brain reasoning assessment

Evaluation of the G Factor

The BRAIN test evaluates the general intelligence factor which is the variable that best explains and illustrates a collaborator’s performance level and is especially useful when recruiters are hiring for functions that involve high complexity tasks.

High Predictive Value

Cognitive abilities present a higher predictive value than experience. According to research, the candidates’ level of reasoning is on average 3 times more reliable as an indicator of their future performance than experience.

Questionnaire Format

The BRAIN test uses the same interaction components and motivators a game does: real-time feedback, constructing answers, items adapted to their level, etc. This allows to develop candidate engagement while simultaneously ensures the psychometric validity of the test.
We like the handling and distribution of the requests. The overview is very helpful if you have several jobs, so you can check what is new every day.
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The Brain Assessment’s Key Characteristics:

Adaptive Evaluation

The level of difficulty is adapted to the user after each question, considering their response. This adaptation saves a considerable amount of time and ensures an optimised candidate experience.


The test is accessible to everyone including people who have disorders like dyslexia or color blindness, etc, and it can be completed on any device.


The neutral material used in this assessment limits the need for cultural adaptation: it is a benchmark tool, unaffected by the origins or language spoken by the person being evaluated.


The user experience is an essential aspect of the BRAIN assessment. While not a game itself, the test uses the same motivational techniques employed in a game to help develop the commitment of candidates.
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