Uncover Your Candidates’ True Potential

Predict Candidates' Ability to Succeed and Thrive in a Role To Hire The Right People for the Job

There’s more to a candidate than education and experience. Hard skills and past experiences are getting less relevant every day. In today’s world, soft skills and personality are what makes people thrive in a role. Hence, skeeled partnered with AssessFirst to offer a natively integrated bundle of pre-employment assessments to help recruiters and hiring managers to know their candidates beyond their CV: their personality, what motivates them and their level of mental agility.

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Determine the Ideal Profile for a Role

Recruiters can choose an existent predictive model from a list with more than 400 options or create a custom one. All it takes is a few answers to describe the role they're hiring for. Assessfirst's algorithm then analyses the answers and matches them with over 5 million profiles and recommends the best fitting ones.

Easily Assess Candidates Online

Recruiters can include the pre-employment assessments in the initial application process or at a later stage as an additional step. Candidates receive an email with a link to complete the assessments and when they finish recruiters can see the candidates’ evaluation on their profile.

Choose the Right People, Every Time

Candidates are ranked in terms of ability to succeed and to thrive in the position, as well as by their affinity with their future manager. The assessment report also provide an explanation of the candidates’ strengths and areas for improvement so that recruiters can make the best hiring decisions.
Skeeled is very easy to use. It took us only 1 day to customize the settings, you can really count with a quick implementation. We got good introduction to the system and excellent support during the implementation. The skeeled team is very reactive and dedicated to customer satisfaction.
Melchior Allet - Head of HR @ Touring Club Suisse

Evaluate Your Candidates’ Reasoning Ability To Predict How Well They’ll Perform

According to research, an individual’s level of reasoning is more reliable as an indicator of future job performance than experience. BRAIN analyses the general intelligence factor and it allows to obtain precise, decontextualized and intersectional indicators of an individual’s reasoning capabilities. The general intelligence factor is the variable that best explains and illustrates a collaborator’s performance at work, especially in roles with highly complex tasks. This assessment helps recruiters to learn how candidates think and make decisions.

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Discover Your Candidates’ Personality To Know How They'll Behave in the Workplace

Research shows that personality measures are useful predictors of future job performance. The SHAPE questionnaire is based on the scientifically proven "Big Five" theoretical model and provides insightful information about the candidates’ personality and about how it will impact their workplace behaviour. This assessment allows recruiters to understand how candidates relate to others, how they approach and solve problems and how they manage their emotions.

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Learn About Your Candidates’ Motivations To Know What Drives Them

The evaluation of motivations is currently a major topic in work psychology: what drives a person to engage in action? The DRIVE questionnaire identifies the things that motivate candidates on a daily basis, evaluating the candidates’ fit with activities, leadership styles and workplace culture. It allows recruiters to understand the types of activities and contexts that make candidates want to invest themselves in their work.

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We have applicants from all over the world. With the help of skeeled, especially due to the video function, it is easier for us to get a better impression of the candidates.
Britta Deitenbach - Head of HR & Quality Management @ LUNEX University


Improve Your Talent Acquisition Process

AI-based predictive hiring allows companies to identify which traits are predictive of performance and engagement in the job they’re hiring for and to match the profiles of candidates against that predictive model. It allows recruiters to run evidence-based talent acquisition and make better hiring decisions.

Reduce Staff Turnover

Don't hire candidates that seem to be a good fit but leave after a few months in the job. Knowing more about their personality, motivations and reasoning capabilities allows you to hire for the long run.

Build Teams That Work Well Together

Using our pre-employment assessments to screen candidates allows you to identify and hire people that are more likely to work well together, ensuring the alignment between culture and business objectives.

Make Defensible Decisions

Driving an evidence-based recruitment makes hiring procedures more defensible, in case someone questions the nature of your hiring decisions.
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